LBA makes isolating hybrid cable on AM towers hassle free and dependable

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LBA Group's Hybrid ColoCoil®

LBA Group’s Hybrid ColoCoil®

The Hybrid ColoCoil® joins the most widely applied, self-contained family of ColoCoil® AM isolation systems offered by LBA Technology, Inc., a unit of LBA Group, Inc. This next generation of the patented LBA ColoCoil® provides seamless integration and isolation of hybrid cable on “hot” AM radio towers.

The nature of an AM radio tower requires that any metallic cable running to the AM tower must be electrically isolated from the tower to prevent disruption of the AM transmission. In many cases this means the use of what’s generally referred to as an AM isocoupler. Hybrid cable is not excluded from this requirement. While the fiber does not have to be isolated, any DC or alarm wire pairs in a hybrid cable must be isolated from the AM tower.

With the growing use of remote radio heads (RRH) or remote radio units (RRU) by wireless carriers, the Hybrid ColoCoil® allows the hybrid cable feeding these on-tower carrier systems to be run across the base of an AM tower with all wire pairs isolated from the AM. These precision designed LBA hybrid cable isolation systems can accommodate any model of hybrid cable on the market.

The LBA Hybrid ColoCoil® is designed with features that add significantly to ease of installation, footprint conservation and long-term dependable operation. All fiber and the copper pairs terminate inside the unit eliminating the need to provide the entire length of hybrid cable as part of the manufacturing process. The system cabinets are designed to stack on top of one another, conserving ground space. The Hybrid ColoCoil® also offers the option of not having to run hybrid cable from carrier equipment on the ground or in a building to the input of the system. If preferred, fiber and copper can be run separately in conduit to the LBA isolation system.

The Hybrid ColoCoil® adds to installation ease in upgrade projects with the same size and footprint as LBA’s most widely used and patented RF coax ColoCoils® in use at hundreds of AM stations across the country. This means the Hybrid ColoCoil® can replace a coax ColoCoil® or be stacked on top of an existing coax ColoCoil®, eliminating the need to expand the equipment footprint.

“The LBA research and development team invested countless hours in the creation of this latest addition to its patented line of AM isolation systems,” LBA’s Director of Sales, Jerry Brown said. “This latest addition makes carrier deployment of RRH’s on AM towers efficient, dependable and cost effective,” he added.

For more information on the new LBA Hybrid ColoCoil® and the entire line of AM isolation systems offered by LBA visit: or contact David Horn at 252-757-0279,