NATE launches workforce sourcing Veteran Partnership Program

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The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association announced today the official launch of the Military of NATE Workforce Sourcing Veteran Partnership Program.

The program was created by the recently established Military of NATE Ad-Hoc Committee as a new benefit to the Association’s member companies and seeks to provide employment opportunities to veterans to continue to address the immediate and long-term hiring needs of the communications infrastructure industry.

The Workforce Sourcing Veteran Partnership Program is structured around partnerships with Warriors 4 Wireless and Airstreams Renewables, connecting NATE member companies who voluntary elect to participate as hiring partners with a stream of veteran candidates from their respective states and regions of the country.

The program is free for NATE member companies and there are no hidden costs. The employer benefits of participating include providing opportunities for veterans who have served our nation to gain employment in a field with a viable career path and supplementing their company hiring needs with highly qualified candidates. The program also serves to expand the list of hiring partners from safety-conscious NATE member companies that Warriors4Wireless and Airstreams Renewables can use to place additional trained veterans with jobs in their respective regions of the country.

“NATE is excited to announce the launch of the Workforce Sourcing Veteran Partnership Program this week on the heels of the country celebrating Independence Day this past weekend,” said Board of Directors member Jessica Cobb, CEO of MDTS in Ortonville, Michigan. “The program aligns well with the Association’s current workforce development strategic initiatives and is a win-win for both NATE member companies who elect to participate and our partner organizations Airstreams Renewables and Warriors4Wireless. Veterans bring to the table the skills, ability, discipline, and core values that the wireless industry is looking for and make ideal candidates for tower technician, fiber optic technician and other leadership positions employers are looking for,” added Cobb.

Warriors 4 Wireless and Airstreams Renewables provide comprehensive training that includes both academic and field training courses. Graduates of both programs leave with certifications such as Authorized Climber/Rescuer, RF Awareness, Capstan Hoist Operations, and First Aid/CPR, in addition to resume building assistance and interview coaching.

The number of candidate resumes received from the Workforce Sourcing Veteran Partnership Program will vary between hiring companies and is based on the supply and demand of veterans seeking employment and the geographic locations of NATE member company participants.

“The Military of NATE Committee enables all service men and women of NATE, including Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves, to achieve their full potential to help support their success in the communications infrastructure industry,” stated Nick Trussell, Director of Operations at Michigan Towers, Inc. in Traverse City, Michigan. “This workforce sourcing program is the first of many initiatives the Military of NATE Committee hopes to roll-out to support military veterans and highlight the professional opportunities available in our industry to men and women with service backgrounds.”

Enrollment in the no-cost Military of NATE Workforce Sourcing Veteran Partnership Program is easy. NATE members electing to participate should complete the enrollment form HERE.

To view information on the program role of Warriors 4 Wireless, click HERE. To view information on the program role of Airstreams Renewables, click HERE. Visit to learn more about NATE.