NATE’s 5G video highlights government and industry collaboration

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NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association today unveiled a News Bulletin video highlighting how collaboration between the wireless industry and stakeholders at the federal, state and municipal levels can expedite the 5G deployment process in communities across the United States.  The video’s release is timely since the FCC is slated to vote on Commissioner Brendan Carr’s 5G Upgrade Order next week at the agency’s June 9 open meeting.

The video debuts in the run-up to the upcoming June 9 FCC vote on Commissioner Brendan Carr's Upgrade Order

The video debuts in the run-up to the upcoming June 9 FCC vote on Commissioner Brendan Carr’s Upgrade Order

The video features testimonial interviews with FCC Commissioner Carr, Sioux Falls (SD) Mayor Paul TenHaken, VIKOR CEO Craig Snyder and NATE President & CEO Todd Schlekeway articulating the importance of establishing successful partnerships between community leaders, network providers and tower contractors in the development of a 5G network.

The video shines a spotlight on how successful public-private partnerships have helped launch 5G in the mid-size market of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and how the businesses and citizens in the city will benefit from a 5G-driven economy.

“As a member of the tower technician workforce, it is incredibly exciting to be on the front lines deploying these next generation wireless sites in my hometown,” said Ben Holland, Construction Manager at VIKOR. “I applaud the progressive leadership in both the public and private sectors that came together to make 5G a reality in my community. This NATE video serves to reinforce how important this stakeholder collaboration is to ensure that we maximize the potential of 5G wireless in diverse markets across the country,” Holland added.

Visit HERE to watch the NATE News Bulletin video. For more information on Commissioner Carr’s 5G Upgrade Order, visit HERE.  For more information on NATE, visit today.