Sprint merger ready to roll despite COVID-19 fears says T-Mobile CEO John Legere

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In a notice to investors, T-Mobile said COVID-19 wasn't going to keep the Sprint merger from happening and the company was well-funded.

In a notice to investors today, T-Mobile said COVID-19 wasn’t going to keep the Sprint merger from happening and the company was well-funded. (WirelessEstimator.com)

In a message to investors today, T-Mobile announced that it is financially prepared to close the merger with Sprint and the COVID-19 crisis will not delay the deal.

The carrier said that 16 banks are involved in the merger and none of them have stated that they will be unable to meet prior commitments.

“I’m pleased that right now we have broad support from the banks to finance the closing of this merger – we are very close to unleashing the capabilities of the New T-Mobile, and that is even more important for consumers during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “Our nation is more dependent than ever on connectivity, and we will continue to deliver our essential wireless service today and when we merge with Sprint, with a Nationwide 5G service that is broader and more robust than anything else in America. We can see the finish line and are prepared to close the merger very soon so our teams can get to work building a supercharged Un-carrier.”

“In times when consumers need affordable service plans to stay connected, T-Mobile is fully prepared and well positioned to be the provider to meet these needs,” said Mike Sievert, President and Chief Operating Officer of T-Mobile. “In fact, after we close the merger, the New T-Mobile may be the best positioned company to serve them, as more and more consumers seek value in these uncertain times. We’re here for our community of consumers who count on us.”