WIA launches free registration for Connect (X): All Access, announces Small and Diverse Business Summit

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The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) launched registration today for “Connect (X): All Access,” a free, global virtual conference on May 19 that is taking the place of WIA’s in-person, annual Connectivity Expo, or Connect (X). WIA today also announced that on May 20-21, Connect (X): All Access will convene the Small and Diverse Business Summit, which brings together small and diversely owned businesses to engage with top-level procurement officers.

“We’re inviting a global audience to register today, whether you’re in the tech or telecom space or a related industry along the supply chain. We will soon announce an amazing lineup of key players in the wireless industry that will present their plans for capex and deployment in this unprecedented time,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “We’ll bring you the best of the in-person Connect (X) event in a virtual format with the chance to interact with industry leaders and explore their vision for how wireless will manage the growth of 5G buildout. With so many questions swirling, our presenters will offer direction that will help businesses navigate through some choppy waters.”

This year’s Supplier Diversity Summit is renamed the Small and Diverse Business Summit.

“The Small and Diverse Business Summit will provide a virtual match-up where small, women-, veteran-, and minority-owned businesses will engage with top-tier procurement officers from the largest contracting companies in wireless. Diversity powers progress and innovation, and we are proud to support companies that share our vision for a healthy supply-chain ecosystem,” WIA Executive Vice President Tim House. “This is exclusive to Connect (X) and Connect (X): All Access and provides a unique opportunity to business owners looking to pitch top-level executives on industry-changing solutions and products.”

Register here: https://connectxallaccess.vfairs.com/en/registration

Learn more here: https://connectxallaccess.vfairs.com/