NATE, American Tower Corporation and MILLERCO Host U.S. Senator Roger Wicker

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NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association and member companies American Tower Corporation and MILLERCO hosted U.S. Senator Roger Wicker on a communications tower site visit in Gulfport, Mississippi yesterday. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes also attended the event.

During the site visit, Senator Wicker and Mayor Hewes toured the communications tower compound with event participants to learn about all the on-site network equipment and related components. The Senator and Mayor also gained perspective about the work that is conducted building, maintaining and deploying communications sites and related wireless/broadband infrastructure, including witnessing a climbing demonstration led by experienced tower technicians from MILLERCO.

Additionally, Senator Wicker and Mayor Hewes heard directly from representatives of American Tower Corporation regarding the vital wireless infrastructure solutions and services they deploy to support wireless networks in the United States and in countries spanning the globe.

A highlight of the day’s festivities included Senator Wicker receiving the 2022 NATE Legislative Champion of the Year Award at the event. NATE Chairman Jimmy Miller presented Senator Wicker with the prestigious annual award.

“It was an honor to host Senator Wicker and Mayor Hewes at the American Tower Corporation site in Gulfport today,” stated Jimmy Miller. “It was a highlight to recognize Senator Wicker as a tireless champion for our industry’s priorities such as increasing access to commercial spectrum, enhancing workforce development initiatives and streamlining deployment opportunities. Thank you to NATE and American Tower Corporation for partnering with us on this important outreach and to Senator Wicker and Mayor Hewes for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend today’s event,” added Miller.

Clark Lindstrom and Sarah Neal from American Tower Corporation, NATE Chairman Jimmy Miller and Jordyn Ladner from MILLERCO, and Marie Sanderson and Laine Striegel from Guidepost Strategies served as the primary on-site contacts at the event.

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