Thanks to NATE, identifying the myriad of motor carrier and CDL regulations in each state is a breeze

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The survey allows viewers the ability to quickly identify state-specific requirements, such as in the ‘Show Me’ state, where you’re required in Missouri to show your Class E License (also known as a “For-Hire” or “Chauffeur License”) to operate a vehicle which is used to transport property or goods with a GVWR of less than 26,001 pounds and which is otherwise exempt from the CDL requirements. Nine other states have intrastate special non-CDL license requirements. There are also resource links to each state’s DMV.

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association today unveiled two resource documents designed to assist its member companies in navigating the myriad of complex Commercial Driver License (CDL) and Motor Carrier Safety regulations in the United States. The two resource documents were developed by representatives from TransSafe Consulting, LLC, which serves as the official consulting firm for NATE on motor carrier and transportation issues.

The CDL & Safety Regulation 50-State Survey chart summarizes each state’s CDL and motor carrier safety regulations. More specifically, it details the vehicle weight thresholds at which each state’s intrastate driver qualification and hours-of-service regulations apply to private motor carriers, and it also lists the minimum age limit for intrastate-only CDL holders in each state. The survey also provides helpful links to each state’s DMV website and citations to each state’s motor carrier safety regulations.

The “Do I Need a CDL Flow Chart” is conveniently designed to help motor carriers and their drivers determine if they need a commercial drivers’ license to operate certain types of vehicles and perform certain types of operations. The easy to follow resource progresses through the steps of the chart to assist companies and employees in determining whether a CDL is required under their specific circumstances.

“I hear frequently from NATE member companies regarding their frustrations in dealing with federal and state DOT regulations and comprehending the often complex rules of the road related to commercial motor vehicles and CDL requirements,” said President & CEO Todd Schlekeway. “Through the release of these two practical resource documents, NATE is investing directly into our members to help them clarify and streamline these commercial motor vehicle requirements and drive efficiency into their respective business operations and processes.”

The CDL & Safety Regulation 50-State Survey and “Do I Need a CDL Flow Chart” resource documents are available to NATE member companies in the members-only section of the website. To access the documents, members are instructed to visit, enter their unique member ID in the log-in icon in the upper left portion of the website, and visit the Member Resources menu section of the site.

NATE member companies looking to hire TransSafe Consulting, LLC for transportation and commercial motor vehicle related consultation are encouraged to visit For more information on NATE, visit today.