After a month-long outage, PerfectVision’s website woes appear to be ending

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A month ago, an IT professional’s nightmare came true for PerfectVision when their website and internal network crashed. However, a spokesperson says their network is up, and a new website is ready to be introduced. In the first week, a notice appeared that the site could not be reached, then a graphic appeared saying that the site was going under maintenance and enhancements.

A little over four weeks ago, PerfectVision’s website and its internal network went down, a failure frequently occurring in many companies when servers malfunctioned. However, a robust backup system can seamlessly recover data, and the system is back online, often with employees never realizing there was a problem.

However, IT personnel quickly let management know that there were severe problems and they couldn’t get their system up,

After about a week of being down, unfounded rumors spread that the server had been compromised. Additionally, there was a distinct possibility that the server was being held hostage for ransomware payments.

At that time, Wireless Estimator was informed by a company spokesperson that it was just a “server issue” that was expected to be fixed shortly.

However, two weeks later, the issue hadn’t been resolved, but a “This site can’t be reached” message was now a graphic stating “System Maintenance & Enhancement in Process,” Clients should contact PerfectVision through an 800 number or an email address.

Three contractors informed Wireless Estimator that they were having difficulties getting materials needed for cell sites. However, they mentioned that their sales representative assisted them via texts and phone calls.

But there is good news on PerfectVision’s horizon. A spokesperson said today, “We have got our network back up and running. We are shipping products as normal. We are almost finished with our website upgrade and look forward to rolling them out for our customers.”

A competitor of PerfectVision said he took “no pleasure” in the company’s problems and believed clients should continue to support the company. “This could happen to our company, and I would be devastated,” he said.