Reading isn’t required for FCC enforcement agents tracking down pirate radio broadcasting

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Instead of easily tracking down the religious pirate radio broadcaster that could have been easily accomplished, the FCC deputizes the property owner to do their enforcement. And if they're unsuccessful they could get wacked with a $2.3 million fine.

Instead of tracking down the religious pirate radio broadcaster, which could have been easily accomplished, the FCC deputized the property owner to do their enforcement. And if they’re unsuccessful, they could get whacked with a $2.3 million fine.

It appears that an FCC’s Portland, OR-based Enforcement Bureau agent might benefit from a quick course on using internet search tools and a little leg work to locate a pirate radio broadcaster instead of threatening a Baptist church property owner with a $2.3 million fine.

The FCC said last week that their Enforcement Bureau is investigating a complaint about an unlicensed FM broadcast station operating at 90.5 MHz. On February 9, 2023, they stated that an agent confirmed by direction-finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 90.5 MHz were emanating from the property at 650 SE 139th Avenue, Portland.

There was no one available at the church, so they took the easy route of notifying the property owner, Eastside Free Methodist Church, that it was possibly on the hook for $2,316,034 if they continued to permit “any individual or entity to engage in pirate radio broadcasting from the property that you own or manage.”

However, the Baptist church has ceased services from that location. A big sign in the front says the worship facility that appears to have an FM antenna in the back states it is now the Iclesia Petecostes Alfa & Omega ministry. And if the agent wanted to contact them, the sign had a one-foot-tall telephone number visible a block away that the church’s pastor would answer.

In addition, the sign informed a federal agent seeking an unrighteous broadcast, or those seeking God, Pastor Carlos Cruz could be found on Facebook.

Or a quick look at Pastor Cruz’s Radio FARO 90.5 FM website would provide the agent with his telephone number, email address, and other information.

Eastside Free Methodist Church has ten days to respond to the FCC’s inquiry sent to the property’s owner, which is the location of the Free Methodist Church in Salem.

The FCC’s press release is available here.

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