Ugandan carrier claims American Tower is discriminatory, but Kenyan official says ATC brings diversity and the internet

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The digital community project at Busho area was instituted by Kwale Governor Fatuma Achani and ATC Kenya. Photo Credit: Kwale County Governement

Smile, a carrier in Uganda is sneering at American Tower Corporation (ATC), asserting to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) that ATC illegally disconnected the power to its network and the company has been quoted in numerous media outlets stating that since 2018 ATC has been using discriminatory pricing practices, as well as unfair and illegal power billing practices.

An ATC representative said that Smile’s allegations were not true. And although he noted that the company does not comment on ongoing litigation, he could confirm that ATC meets all matters, to the law, and that the company might consider legal action, in response to Smile’s “baseless attacks on our reputation,” according to The Monitor.

What a difference 550 miles makes

Head down A109 to A104 to Kwale County near Kenya, about a 16 hour drive, and it’s a completely different story where ATC Kenya CEO Thomas Sonesson is lauded for his company’s assistance to provide a positive transformation for Busho where residents can receive free internet.

In a statement, today, Governor Fatuma Achani emphasized the significant impact a project, launched in coordination with ATC, will enhance her residents’ economic and social well-being.

Achani expressed her concern over the years of neglect the remote Busho village endured but firmly believed that a digital community would bring about positive transformation and induce the region’s development.

Sonesson stated that ATC will continue partnering with county governments to connect more communities.

“Our dream at ATC Kenya is to create an inclusive society where all members are accorded an opportunity to learn, grow and become better members of the society. Through this digital community, it is our hope that the people of Busho and Kwale, in general, will be exposed to more opportunities.”

“This digital community, although based here at Busho, is open to all members of the larger Kwale County. We want to convert it to a center of excellence where meaningful gains in promotion of a digital economy and various sub-sectors, such as health, education, security, financial inclusion and connectivity, will be realized,” Sonesson said.