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One ‘tower treasure’ found by a landowner is worth at least a quarter million dollars

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Tower techs frequently talk about ‘tower treasures’ that they find at a cell site left by previous crews, from hand tools to rigging blocks, and a host of other equipment. But it’s rare for a homeowner to discover that someone had built a multi-tenant tower designed for someone else and left it installed on his property, while another property owner benefited …

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Michigan school board provides an easement for a three-tenant tower for $900,000

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The Livonia, Mich. School Board has welcomed the opportunity for a revenue enhancement of $900,000 from American Tower Corp. for a perpetual easement for a three-tenant stadium lighting monopole site at Stevenson High School’s athletic field, and agreed to ink an agreement on Monday. According to an article in Home Town Life, Interim Superintendent Andrea Oquist said the $900,000 is …