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New FAA tower lighting standard will cut costs and cut down on avian deaths

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published its newest Obstruction Marking and Lighting advisory circular that became effective Friday. It includes significant changes to the telecom industry’s lighting requirements since the last time the agency revised Advisory Circular 70/7460K in 2007. A key change in the new document — that has been proposed by the industry for a number of years …

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FCC denies review of a site fencing violation and obstruction lighting charge

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The FCC recently denied two tower owners’ requests to review their forfeiture orders and let stand their fines totaling $16,600. Following a petition for reconsideration by Alaska Integrated Media, Inc., licensee of Station KOAN, Anchorage, the FCC said it found no basis for them to review the fine of $5,600 for failing to enclose the station’s tower within an effective …

Terrible Mississippi tower marking amendment is killed in committee

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Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn took the ice bucket challenge late last year, but it didn’t shake loose any logical reasons why he introduced legislation last month to require all communications towers in his state to be marked for aviation safety purposes if they were 50 feet high or taller, and were located outside of municipality boundaries. As …

New year will usher in eased FAA lighting failure reporting requirements

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), through coordination with the FCC and other federal stakeholders, expects by mid-January 2015 to streamline the online process for submitting Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) to alert pilots to tower lighting outages. The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau issued an advisory earlier this week announcing the FAA’s new process which will permit tower owners to individually select …