Industry experts readying testing process for tower technicians’ certifications

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FDH Velocitel’s Don Doty Selected as Presiding Chairman of Test Development Task ForceNWSA-Tower-Tech-Program

The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) convened a distinguished group of the industry’s leading subject matter experts in Dallas, Tex. this week to begin the test development process for the Telecommunications Tower Technician I (TTTI) and Telecommunications Tower Technician II (TTTII) certification programs.

The NWSA is a national non-profit assessment and certification organization that has been established to provide thorough, independent assessments of knowledge and skills and provide verifiable worker certification in order to enhance safety, reduce workplace risk, improve quality, encourage training, and recognize the skilled professionals who work on towers and other non-standard structures.

During the meetings in Dallas, the select group, a who’s who of subject matter experts, established a Telecommunications Tower Technician Task Force to formalize their test development efforts moving forward. The NWSA Task Force roster consists of the following members:

Name Company
Rick Argudin Capitol Safety
Marc Ball Tech Safety Lines, Inc.
Brian Bicknese Vertical Limit Construction
Kathy Brand Tower Safety & Instruction
Andrew Britton Henkels & McCoy
Shawn Cherri Capital Safety
Russell Chittenden Synergy Concepts, Inc.
Jimmy Coleman AT&T
Clint Cook Centerline Solutions
(Warren) Greg Corbitt Bechtel
Joey Deuer TUF-TUG Products
Doug Dickinson Ericsson
Luke Dierking Capital Tower & Communications Inc.
Don Doty FDH-Velocitel
Michael Fergus Capital Tower & Communications Inc.
Paul Foster Vinculums Services, Inc.
Kenneth Holder Atlantic Tower Services
Justin Huggins Enertech Resources, LLC
John Paul Jones Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC
(Robert) Mike Jones Comtrain USA
Nick Jones ENSA-North America
Brooks Keel General Dynamics
Ben Little Centerline Solutions
Gordon Lyman Safety LMSystems LLC
Kristen McCarty Vinculums Services, Inc.
Robert McCoy Crown Castle
Christopher Mallon Tower MRL, Inc.
Corey Messer Pacific Safety Solutions
Justin Miller EasTex Tower, Inc.
Jim Miller EasTex Tower, Inc.
Eric Munsell Black & Veatch
Art Pregler AT&T
Pavel Redko Avenger Engineering, LLC
Sonya Roshek Mycom – North America
Ryan Schock Design Telecommunications
Rob Seidel General Dynamics
Curtis Smith Mastec Network Solutions
Glenn Speight Axcess Rescue
Gerry Spinelli Narda Safety Test Solutions
Doug Stephenson Vertical Consultant
Richard Teckenbrock Heartland Solutions
Todd Thorin Sioux Falls Tower and Communications
Gary Trent U.S. Cellular
Matt Uhrich Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.
James Weiss Red Wing Electric
Marv Wessel Global RF Solutions
Tom Wood PMI’s Vertical Rescue Solutions

“The NWSA took another giant step forward today with the establishment of the Telecommunications Tower Technician Test Development Task Force,” said NWSA Board of Governors Chairman Art Pregler from AT&T. “The organization will be able to lean heavily on this experienced group of subject matter experts in order to develop the NWSA’s knowledge-based computer exams and the field-based practical exams for the TTTI and TTTII certification programs,” Pregler added.

The NWSA also announced that industry veteran and leading subject matter expert Don Doty from FDH Velocitel has been selected to be the presiding Chairman of the task force. “The psychometric and test Don-Doty-NWSA-Velociteldevelopment work of the task force is integral to ensure that the NWSA’s respective certification programs adhere to the roadmap that is required to achieve ANSI ISO 17024 accreditation,” emphasized Don Doty, who also serves on the NWSA’s Board of Governors. “I am honored to serve in this capacity and am committed to ensuring that reliable, valid and legally defensible assessments are developed through our task force’s collective efforts,” added Doty.

The NWSA organization is the result of collaborative efforts between a broad coalition of the industry’s leading subject matter experts, companies and stakeholders representing wireless carriers, tower owners, OEM’s, turnkey management firms, government agencies, public safety entities, small contractors, tower technicians and industry associations. Industry leaders have pledged to provide timely and relevant updates to the industry as key benchmarks are achieved in the establishment of the NWSA’s national assessment and certification programs.

Industry workers, companies and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the NWSA website at to learn more about the organization.