NATE unveils epic 20th anniversary commemorative video

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As part of the National Association of Tower Erectors’ 20th Anniversary Celebration festivities, the Association has unveiled a commemorative video highlighting NATE’s 20 years in the industry.


The original Board of Directors seen in the video include: (seated), from left, Don Doty, Chairman Kevin Hayden and Craig Snyder; standing, Ted Lynch, Ken Meador, Michael Moskowitz, Craig Lekutis, Terry Sharp, Jr., Craig Lekutis and Bill Carlson

The video includes exclusive interviews with NATE’s original founding fathers, historical photos of communications structures and breathtaking aerial views of tower technicians working on communications towers.

It’s not surprising to find unsafe climbing practices in the early days by Association members in the video since it was those practices that spearheaded the need for the trade group.

In the founding members’ narratives, it was stated that they were not quite sure of what was going to happen during the first organizational meeting.

There was the possibility that there could even be some fistfights due to highly competitive personalities that would be attending, but the 62 members present in Texas joined together immediately to work towards common goals.

The NATE 20th Anniversary Celebration Video was produced by Todd Thorin of Sioux Falls Tower & Communications and Prairie Aerial Videography.

You can view the video here.