New TIA TR-14 industry standard’s forward has a fitting tribute to Ernest “Ernie” Jones

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The record-setting number of industry experts attending the Telecommunications Industry Association TR-14 meeting in Las Vegas, Nev. on March 29, 2016 couldn’t help but notice an empty chair that would have been filled by their long-time, leader, associate and good friend, Ernest “Ernie” Jones who passed away on Oct. 21, 2015 in a tragic incident while on a tower as he was assessing engineering details.

Amongst many tributes to Jones at the time, John Erichsen, chairman of the TIA TR14 committee, said that the Association would be honoring Jones’ industry contribution and his life with a dedication to him in TIA-322 when it is published in 2016.

That dedication was the group’s first order of business on Tuesday as Erichsen presented the dedication to attendees as it will appear in the new standard when it’s released at the end of the year.

DEDICATION: Ernest (Ernie) R. Jones, P.E.

Ernie-Jones-TR_14This standard is dedicated to the memory of Ernest (Ernie) R. Jones, P.E. Ernie was a tireless worker for the industry and never hesitated to share his extensive knowledge to proliferate understanding and development within the tower industry. Ernie was brilliant yet humble, and a true servant to others. His work ethic was unmatched and he never said no when approached for help. He was a driving force in the development of the initial ANSI/TIA-1019, 2004 Gin Pole Standard, leading the research and technical developments it represented.

He continued as co-chairman for the technical section of the ANSI/TIA-1019-A, 2011 Tower Construction Standard. He was a participating member of the TR14.7 Committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronics Industry Association since 1986. Ernie was genuine, professional, and deeply respected by all who knew him, and his contributions to the tower industry will long be remembered.

“The technical experts dedicated the ANSI/TIA-322 standard to remember and honor Ernie, to commemorate his indelible impact on the industry and on the TIA TR-14 engineering committee. Ernie was a dear friend, colleague, tower expert and universally respected individual. He will not be forgotten,” said Marianna Kramáriková, manager of the TIA TR-14 Structural Standards for Communication and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures engineering committee which deals with TIA-222, TIA-1019 and the most recent TIA-322.

Kramáriková worked closely with Jones on the TIA TR-14 engineering committee and when he chaired the Task Group to draft the ANSI/TIA-322 “Loading Criteria, Analysis, and Design Related to the Installation, Alteration and Maintenance of Communication Structures”.

Jones was a driving force in the development of the TIA‐1019 Gin Pole Standard leading the research and technical developments it represented. He continued this work broadening the 1019 Standard to create TIA‐1019‐A which included safety, standardized construction nomenclature, established standard rigging plans and so much more.

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and the Tower Family Foundation have established the Ernie Jones Memorial Civil Engineering Scholarship at the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. The announcement, honoring the legacy of the late Ernie Jones, was made at the NATE Awards Luncheon during the annual NATE UNITE 2016 Conference in New Orleans, La. in February.