RSI’s chief sets her sights on a Kansas congressional seat

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Miranda Allen, CEO of Radiofrequency Safety International, is pictured with her husband, Stephen, and their four children.

Miranda Allen, CEO of Radiofrequency Safety International, is pictured with her husband, Stephen, and their four children.

Miranda Allen, CEO of Radiofrequency Safety International (RSI Corp) recently announced her candidacy for the Kansas 4th Congressional District Seat.  Allen, a telecommunications professional with over 20 years of executive experience will be running as an independent.

Allen currently serves on the National Association of Tower Erector’s (NATE) Member Services Committee and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).  She has been involved with Radiofrequency Radiation Safety training and planning for thousands of telecom clients and sites from throughout the United States.  Miranda holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Colorado and is an OSHA Authorized Construction and General Outreach Trainer.

Allen understands how Telecommunications is impacted by numerous government rules. As a candidate that possesses vast knowledge of OSHA, FCC and EPA regulations, she states that she is the best advocate in enacting future successful reform.

“I have a commitment to advance our broadband networks and expand high-speed internet access to all areas across Kansas and the United States. We must keep the telecom technology evolving as it enhances our educational opportunities, makes health care more efficient and creates job growth,” said Allen.

Allen is a small business owner and proven job creator.  As the head of RSI Corp, she has grown that company into one of South Central Kansas’ largest private sector employers.  Today, RSI Corporation is well known for its safety and technical training by assisting clients with OSHA and FCC RF safety compliance. Additionally, her leadership as President of the Barber County Economic Development Inc. brought over 500 energy-related jobs into the district and represents over $1 billion in investment for South Central Kansas.

“We need more people in Washington, D.C. who understand what it’s like to be a business owner, to make a payroll and set a budget, said Allen.  “I will guarantee you that if I am elected I will work hard every day for our families.  I believe the people want their Member of Congress to be an independent voice for them,” added Allen.

Allen describes herself as a mom, breast cancer survivor, a wife, and a business owner whose “mission in life is to leave the world a better place.”  She is a sixth-generation Kansan with a family ranch and farm in Barber County and is still very much involved in the family agriculture operations.  Allen and her husband, Stephen, an Air Force Veteran, returned to settle in Kansas, after his tour of duty in Korea and Colorado, to raise their four children.

“I’m looking forward to a spirited campaign and debate about how best to represent the great people of Kansas,” declared Allen.  “Partisan bickering has replaced hard work and problem solving.  We need to give our government back to the people.”

As part of her campaign announcement, Allen unveiled a list of priorities she will address when elected:

  • Vote in favor of measures that benefit Kansas agriculture without exception
  • Protect our Senior citizens and find real solutions to keep Medicare and Medicaid solvent
  • Advocate for real campaign finance reform to take special interest money out of politics
  • Bring people together to promote real economic growth and cause job creation in the 4th district
  • Promote measures that encourage small business to expand
  • Work to end special government favors to big business that amount to corporate welfare
  • Improve our health care system to provide more patient choices and attacking real cost drivers
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment/fight for the right to bear arms for Kansas’ hunters, sportsman and gun owners

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