TIRAP releases new job safety video exploring standards for tower work

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Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) Board Chairman Scott Kisting today encouraged members of the wireless infrastructure industry to watch a new online video that focusses on the ANSI/TIA 1019-A standard for telecommunications towers.

The ANSI/TIA 1019-A standard provides construction considerations and loading requirements for telecommunications structures under construction related to antenna supporting structures and antennas. The standard addresses the requirements for specialized equipment such as gin poles, hoists and required temporary supports.

“The entire industry is working together to ensure that the companies and professionals involved in deploying and maintaining the telecommunications infrastructure this nation needs understand how important these standards are to our day-to-day operations,” said Kisting, who serves as Senior Vice President for Risk & Compliance at Sabre/MUTI.  “We hope that all organizations will share this informative video with their teams as we all continue to work together to safely and responsibly build the networks our economy needs.”

Developed by TIRAP, the new video is the latest in a series devoted to professional development and education aimed at reducing accidents on the job and making wireless infrastructure a more attractive career option for American workers. Thousands of highly skilled, high wage jobs are currently available in the industry, which has to grow exponentially to meet consumer demand for wireless data.

“Our primary goal is to improve communications and create a better understanding of workplace quality and safety,” added Kisting. “We do that, and accidents will go down and interest in wireless infrastructure careers will go up.”

The video was moderated by Doug McKenzie, Acting Director of Construction Safety for the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and included panelists James Ruedlinger, Managing Engineer at Crown Castle, Mark Lauderbaugh, Director of Risk Management at Crown Castle, and Kisting.