5G panel and the ‘Tower Hour’ bring together leading experts at Wireless West

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Today, activities at Wireless West began with an inspiring keynote presentation by Nate Boyer offering inspirational stories from the military and NFL

Offering sage advice, Boyer said, “We are all capable. We just gotta make a decision. Obstacles are just opportunities to be great.”

Following the keynote, the highly anticipated “5G’s of 5G” panel covered the implementation of 5G throughout the US.

Paul Challoner, VP of Network Solutions at Ericsson, said, “We at Ericsson see the 5G buildout as an exciting challenge. A million new poles, a million new sites over the next 5 years.”

Gilbert, Arizona Mayor Jenn Daniels explained that there are two types of government: relationship based and transactionally based.

“Our government in Gilbert is relationally based, and we look at the the 5G buildout as a win for its citizens. Do not speak tech to me, but speak to me about the ways 5G can improve my community. That is the key to approaching a municipality for a 5G buildout,” said Daniels.

Wireless-WestThe “Tower Hour” brought together several leading members of the industry.

What keeps these executives up at night?

Danny Agresta, President & CEO, APC Towers said, “As the smallest portfolio on this panel, being able to scale.”

Tony Peduto, CEO, CTI Towers replied, “Sooner or later you will hear from the public that they don’t like many towers in their area.”

Don van Splunteren, Global VP of Sales, Phoenix Tower International’s concern is,”How do we add value for our carriers?”

On workforce development, Peduto said, “I tip my hat to the NATEs of the world who are getting our workforce trained and educated.”

Alex Gellman, CEO, Vertical Bridge believes that “we should be worried about workforce development.”