American Tower’s stock goes through the ceiling as Crown Castle and SBA reach record highs

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All three public towercos hit record highs this morning with SBA Communications leading the pack at $188.51 per share.

American Tower Corp. (AMT) reached record high trades this morning of $187.80, shrugging off analyst Jim Cramer’s March 4 bearish outlook on the stock when it was $178.57.

On March 11, ATC rewarded investors by hiking its dividend to 90 cents.

Eight executives had planned stock sales on March 10 at a price of $181.61 per share, with the largest sale being made by ATC Chairman and CEO James Taiclet, Jr., selling 50,780 shares for $9,222,156.

In 2002, ATC’s stock was trading at $1.10.

Crown Castle (CCI) was also trading at a record high of $126.00.  SBA Communications (SBAC) beat ATC this morning with their record high of $188.51.

ATC added 24,000 sites to its portfolio last year — boosting its total to more than 170,000.

The company’s U.S. operations generated $976 million in revenue during the last quarter, up 7% from the year-ago period, driven by an 8% increase in organic tenant billings.

Executive Title Shares Sold* Total Currently
James Taiclet, Jr. Chairman, Pres. And CEO                   50,780 $9,222,156 $50,782,151
Thomas Bartlett EVP & CFO                   23,650 $4,295,077 $26,758,781
William H Hess EVP, Chairman Latin America                   23,544 $4,275,826 $16,984,167
Edmund DiSanto EVP, Chief Admin Officer                   22,200 $4,031,742 $32,423,741
Amit Sharma EVP, Asia                   18,107 $3,288,412 $34,696,227
Steven Vondran EVP & Pres.  U.S. Tower                      2,035 $369,576 $5,628,639
Olivier Puech EVP & Pres. Latin America                      1,216 $220,838 $4,460,160
Robert Joseph Meyer, Jr. SVP, Finance & Controller                         904 $164,175 $5,456,836
 *SEC filing based upon $181.61 per share