California fires out of control, but carriers winning battle in service restorations

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Marin County

Marin County went from 57% of its cell sites being out yesterday to outages of 35% today. Tattered flag image courtesy of Marin County California Fire Department

More than a dozen wildfires are currently raging across California and increased winds are expected to worsen the problem, but there’s a slimmer of good news as carriers’ cell site outages dropped  in today’s FCC report to 1.8%, down from 3.3% yesterday.

Marin County, the hardest hit of 32 affected counties, saw a 57.1% cell site outage yesterday down to 35.4% today. Reports for Sonoma County had 95 of its 424 sites out of service, representing a 22.4% outage.

There was also marked relief from cable and wireline companies reporting 223,973 outages, down from 454,722 yesterday.

No TV stations were out of service.