Feds want dangerous Florida contractor to be kept off streets while awaiting retrial

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William Wilson (left) of MSO Tech, Inc. and Timothy Donelson of Zayo Group were two of four co-conspirators that had almost $16 million in fraudulent invoices. Wilson threatened to slit the throats of a co-conspirator's family, according to authorities.

William S. Wilson (left) of MSO Tech, Inc.(above) and Timothy Donelson were two of four co-conspirators that had received almost $16 million in fraudulent invoices. Wilson threatened to slit the throats of a co-conspirator’s family but was released on bail. He’s back in jail again after beating and bloodying his wife, but is attempting to be released while he awaits a retrial since he’s afraid that he might contract COVID-19 in jail.

Prosecutors informed a Virginia federal judge Tuesday that a former government fiber optic design and installation firm contractor also providing cell site services is a danger to his Florida community and should remain in jail.

They said the defendant in a $16 million fraud case has a “proven record of violence, threats, obstruction,” and failed to abide by previous court orders, and should remain incarcerated.

In October of 2017, William S. Wilson, President of MSO Tech, Inc. of Lake Butler, Fla. was indicted along with three other men for participating in a bribery and kickback conspiracy involving a contract for the Department of Defense’s Office of Inspector General (DOD OIG) where the men were allegedly paid millions of dollars for fraudulent invoices.

The conspiracy, reportedly orchestrated by Wilson, was detailed by Wireless Estimator.

At the time of the indictment, Wilson repeatedly threatened to murder his co-conspirators and their family members and to violently attack other potential government witnesses, and had made further threats of violence against law enforcement officers investigating the case on at least three separate occasions, and resisted his arrest while making threatening references to his nearby stockpile of ammunition and explosives, investigators said.

Although prosecutors fought against his release, the court allowed him to post a bond.

After Wilson’s original trial ended in a mistrial in November 2018, he remained free on bail.

But on December 6, 2019, Wilson was arrested by Bradford County Sheriff’s Office deputies and charged with aggravated battery and resisting an officer.

The charges stated that Wilson assaulted his wife and left her bleeding with lacerations on her head. And when law enforcement responded to the scene, he fled and was subdued only after being tasered twice.

His bail was revoked but on April 7, 2020, he filed a motion to be released due to the possibility of getting COVID-19 in prison.

The court said that Wilson’s “fear of contracting the virus does not outweigh the reasons why detention is necessary to ensure the safety of the community.”

On August 13, 2020, both parties filed a joint motion to reset the September 21, 2020 trial date to further discoveries. The court agreed and set a new date of March 22, 2021.

On September 1, 2020, Wilson filed a motion for the court to overturn his detention order and allow him to be released to home confinement with his son.

 Prosecutors claim “the defendant simply cannot be trusted to be placed on home detention, or any other conditions of bond, pending trial,” and if he is allowed to be released it will only allow him to intimidate or manipulate the testimony of other witnesses during the approximately seven months that remain before the new trial.

Wilson’s request will be heard by Judge Liam O’Grady next Tuesday morning.

Court documents released following Wilson’s indictment said that “he would slit his co-conspirator’s family members’ (i.e., his wife and minor children’s) throats, then slit his co-conspirator’s throat after making him watch the murders of his family members.”

He said he would take all of their bodies out to a lake and anchor them all down, apparently to prevent their bodies from being found.

Wilson is alleged to have also talked about taking a baseball bat to another potential government witness and driving to another state to drag yet another individual involved in the case “into the hills and kill him.”