LBA reaches milestone with 100% technician CBRS certification

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LBA is now positioned to provide comprehensive technical resources for CBRS roll-outs across the U.S.

Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., the RF consulting services unit of LBA Group, Inc. (LBA), is ready to provide the FCC required installation certification for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) deployments across the country. The company’s technical team consisting of both field and office personnel has completed the course work and obtained the Certified Professional Installer (CPI) credentials required to set up and certify CBRS installations as mandated under the rules in FCC Part 96.


LBA Technical Services Manager David Sourdis (left) and VP of Business Development Mike Britner are enthusiastic about the comprehensive resources LBA can provide

The FCC is now allowing wireless service providers and other commercial entities to use the “CBRS” 3550-3700 MHz (3.5 GHz) band license free, or lightly licensed. However, certain measurement and validation procedures are required to enable interference management by the Spectrum Access System (SAS) providers, as mandated by the Commission. SAS is an automated frequency coordination system that is being utilized to prevent interference between users of the CBRS band.

The CBRS band is expected to be widely used for a host of non-carrier private LTE and 5G systems, as well as for some carrier offload. The fast implementation time and lack of licensing hurdles can provide great flexibility and rapid time-to-market deployment in large office or residential buildings, airports, manufacturing facilities, entertainment, sports venues, and many other verticals.

“LBA has its national technical field team certified to provide SAS compliance, so we’re well positioned to help our customers achieve successful CBRS deployments across the country,” said LBA Technical Services Manager, David Sourdis. “We have also certified the team in 5G deployment practices as well,” he added.

Available services from LBA for CBRS deployments include system audits, turn-up, SAS certification, compliance coordination and other non-SAS compliance requirements such as NIER Studies, RF Interference, AM Compliance and even putting CBRS on AM radio towers with innovative AM colocation solutions.

“LBA has been a pioneer in the cellular business since 1981, so having a team certified for CBRS CPI is part of our on-going priority to serve our customers’ at the highest level in the ever changing wireless world,” said LBA VP of Business Development, Mike Britner. “In this case we are the comprehensive technical resource for CBRS deployments,” added Britner.

For more information on CBRS compliance services and the menu of other RF consulting services LBA offers, contact Mike Britner, 252-757-0279 or