Tallest, shortest, oldest and longest employed tower techs to be featured

In Featured News by Wireless Estimator


Wireless Estimator is seeking out ‘tall tower workers’ – not the folks with boots on high steel, but tower technicians who are truly ‘tall’ in height – to publish a feature article about the tallest one in the U.S. or Canada.

In addition to The tallest tower climber, Wireless Estimator is also in quest of locating:

  • The shortest tower climber
  • The oldest tower climber
  • The climber with the most continuous years of working in the industry
  • The climber with the most continuous years with one company (owners are excluded)

Both male and female categories will be announced. Climbers must work on elevated structures with a degree of regularity.

If you believe you are tops in one of the five categories, please send your information to info@wirelessestimator.com . All responses will be acknowledged.

Look around your company to see if any of your fellow workers fit any of these categories, and let them know about this opportunity.  And go through your mental Rolodex of social media and personal contacts.

Although there are approximately 29,000 tower climbers in America, it’s a relatively close-knit profession. Along your career path it’s likely that you know one of these individuals and want them to get a well-deserved shout out.