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Florida city wants to enter the tower leasing business
September 27, 2007
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - City officials are looking to create a revenue stream for the city and reduce the number of dropped calls by entering the cell tower business.

A city council member said a cell phone tower would cost about $300,000 to build, but that it would raise $4.2 million for the city over the structure's roughly 30-year life span.  

He said the city could recover its costs after the first two years. Industry representatives, though, say that those revenue numbers are very ambitious and are often cited by people not actively involved in the industry. The city will discuss the idea during a meeting in November.

"I think it's a good investment for us to at least look at and not summarily dismiss," Councilman Bill Foster said. "I'm not talking about building 10 out of the box. I'd like to see how one goes."

Power pole proposal was not researched enough, says Superior Court Judge
September 24, 2007
BERKELEY, NJ  - The township Zoning Board of Adjustment's denial of the tower, which Verizon proposed to build off Mule Road, has been upheld by state Superior Court Judge Edward M. Oles.

Judge Oles noted that the applicant's experts acknowledged they did not do an analysis of using other existing power line poles farther away from the homes. He found that the board "did not act in an arbitrary or capricious manner with respect to the denial of the application."
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Impact report clears way for planners to review California broadcast tower
September 23, 2007
LA MIRADA, CA - An environmental impact report says a proposed reconstruction of KFI's radio tower will not pose a hazard to air navigation. The requested structure is 684-feet-tall. The original broadcast tower constructed 59 years ago collapsed after an airplane struck it in December 2004.

The Federal Aviation Administration will require white strobe lighting during the day and red flashing lights at night. The report and KFI's proposal are expected to go to the La Mirada Planning Commission at its November 15 meeting.
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Indiana's high court rules in favor of tower denial based upon setback conformance
September 21, 2007
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - The Indiana Supreme Court has upheld the ruling of the Board of Zoning Appeals of Evansville-Vanderburgh County, which denied St. Charles Tower Inc. from erecting a 185-foot cell phone tower.

St. Charles Tower's application to build the cell tower was denied by the zoning board in May 2005. The company appealed the ruling to Vanderburgh Circuit Court Judge Carl Heldt and lost, then it appealed again up to the Indiana Court of Appeals and won. The zoning board in turn appealed that ruling to the Indiana Supreme Court.

The county ordinance states that cell phone towers must be located a distance of two feet for each foot of the tower's height, or 300 feet, whichever is greater, from any residence. The vertical realtor wanted to construct a 185-foot tower within 370 feet of three residences, one of which was within 168 feet of the tower site.
See: Indiana Supreme Court Decision

Second time proves to be smooth sailing for 195-foot tower application
September 21, 2007
BENTONVILLE, AR - The Benton County Planning Board approved a setback waiver for a cell tower on Wehmeyer Road near Bella Vista. In July it had previously denied a request by Callahan Joint Venture for a setback waiver for the tower. That decision was appealed.

The board originally based its denial of the 195-foot tower on three issues: 1973 restrictive covenants for Rush Estates stating that no lot in the subdivision may be used for purposes other than residential purposes; concerns about the setback variance; and opposition from neighboring property owners.
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COW in farm field is first step before combination windmill and cell tower install
September 21, 2007
POWNAL, VT - A 106-foot cell on wheels (COW) is being proposed by Verizon for eight months on Michael and Mrily Gardner's farm until a permanent combination windmill and cell tower is built. Verizon has erected or is nearing completion of 11 towers along Route 7 from Williamstown, Mass., to Mount Taber, two of which are in Pownal, one in the north and one in the south Pownal. Without a tower in Pownal Center, he said, the remaining eight towers to the north of Pownal cannot be activated.

The temporary COW proposal stems from the Public Service Board's rejection of a certificate of public good for a proposed Verizon windmill/cell tower at the farm. The Public Service Board denied the application for the combination tower because it did not have jurisdiction over cell towers. Legislation was passed in June allows the PSB to now issue the certificate to cell towers that are part of power generating structures.
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Appeals court rules for North Carolina in fight over 1,350-foot broadcast tower
September 20, 2007
MOUNT ULLA, NC - An unanimous decision by the N.C. Court of Appeals said that Rowan County acted properly in denying a permit for construction of a 1,350-foot tall broadcast tower in Mount Ulla.

Davidson County Broadcasting has sought a conditional use permit to build a tower on the Richard Parker farm for the past four years and said that they plan to appeal the latest ruling to the N.C. Supreme Court.

The court said that substantial evidence existed to support the county board's finding that the tower could be a safety hazard for aircraft.
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Planners aren't fond of 106-foot silo in Virginia
September 19, 2007
PHILOMONT, VA - Loudoun County's Planning Commission voted unanimously to send Sprint Nextel's proposal for a 106-foot cell site enclosed in an agricultural silo back for more study and debate.

Approximately 20 residents of the area, speaking at the hearing, said the tower near historic Snickersville Turnpike would be an eyesore and lower property values.

Other residents believe that Sprint Nextel should attach its antennas to a 100-foot flag pole -- already used by Verizon Communications Inc. -- at the Philomont fire station.
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Wireless revenue goal plan scrapped, but master plan moves forward
September 18, 2007
MISSION VIEJO, CA - The City Council last night discussed a controversial plan that would allow placement of cell-phone towers on city property, but removed one plan goal describing the cell towers as a revenue source.

Although the additional funding will be appreciated by the Mission Viejo city leaders, they said they were more interested in providing the city with a wireless master plan developed by ATS Communications which identifies 18-city-owned properties where tower sites could be located.
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Residents say galvanized structure isn't artful enough for sculpture park
September 17, 2007
TEWKSBURY, MA -- Residents hoping to see the last of a South Tewksbury cell phone tower they consider an eyesore aren't impressed by the limited menu of options to replace the 140-foot tower owned by Sprint.

An attorney for Verizon Wireless, said that in order to fill a gap in Verizon's coverage, Verizon is willing to build a new tower that would also host Sprint's equipment, allowing the Sprint tower to be demolished, but the new tower would be built just behind the existing equipment shelter.
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Potential water tower damage has AT&T asking for approval of 160-foot tower
September 14, 2007
ELMA, NY - The Elma Town Board said this week that it needs more time before it will make a decision on a lease with AT&T for a proposed 160-foot cell tower on town-owned Water Department property at Seneca and Jamison roads, adjacent to one of the town's water tanks.

AT&T had originally asked to use the water tank for its antennas, but Water Superintendent Gene Stevenson said there was too much potential for damage to the structure.

If approved, the town would require that enough space be left for equipment and trucks to come in in the future to build a new tank. AT&T is proposing $1,250 a month in rent to the town.

Officials believe township should not profit from tower if residents have been denied
September 14, 2007
BYRON TOWNSHIP, MI - The township's treasurer and a board member voted against agreement with T-Mobile that would help fund the operation of a new senior community center.

The agreement could provide the township $28,000 per year, which would be directed back into parks and possibly help fund operation of the center, planned for Whistlestop Park.

The officials debated whether it was right for the township to profit from public property when residents have been denied permits for cell towers.
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Temporary tornado tower to stay in North Dakota
September 13, 2007
NORTHWOOD, ND - Verizon Wireless has agreed to keep the emergency cell phone tower set up in Northwood after last month's tornado, according to Congressman Earl Pomero.

Pomeroy says he contacted the wireless company after he heard that the temporary tower was to be removed.

Northwood officials say most land-line phone service in the community has returned to normal, but people whose homes and businesses were destroyed need their cell phones to make calls.

U.S. Cellular gets preliminary nod to build tower at middle school
September 12, 2007
JANESVILLE, WI - U.S. Cellular has preliminary approval from the Janesville School Board to build a cell tower at Marshall Middle School, locking the district into a possible 30 year lease. U.S. Cellular they will pay the district an initial payment of $10,000 and $2000 a month with an annual 3.5 percent increase.

Commissioner Todd Bailey was the only school board member who voted against preliminary approval citing concerns about the lease. The tower plan next comes before the city of Janesville's Plan Commission.

College's tax free status triggers nonprofit debate in Worcester
September 11, 2007
WORCESTER, MA - The Zoning Board of Appeals yesterday approved Verizon Wireless' permit to install and operate a rooftop cell phone tower at Assumption College. Board members were quite vocal, but the subject wasn't the tower's placement. Their concern was whether tax-exempt properties owned by nonprofit institutions, which pay no property taxes to the city, should be allowed to reap profits from having such towers on their property.

They also questioned whether the towers are being properly assessed for tax purposes. One resident said he was sick and tired of subsidizing the nonprofits that don't want to pay their fair share.
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Verizon's church steeple agreement to be floated before village
September 10, 2007
PINEHURST, NC - The Village Chapel, a nondenominational church on Azelea Drive, has entered into a contract with Verizon Wireless that allows the cellular provider to conceal an antenna inside the church's steeple, according to Verizon Wireless.

However, village ordinances currently do not allow concealed, or stealth, antennas. On September 25, the Village Council is expected to vote on a set of ordinances, drafted by village staffers and Verizon Wireless, that would allow these antennas on any structure except single or multi-family homes.
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Industry experts says increased phone usage will increase demand for new towers
September 7, 2007
BUCKINGHAM, PA - A Buckingham resident is concerned about T-Mobile's request to construct a 120-foot tower near her 60-acre farm. Although the tower will be disguised as a silo on a neighboring nursery's property, she believes that the location will hurt her property's value and obstruct the view from her home.

The need for more cell phone equipment to support changing technology surprises many local governments, said Ken Schmidt, president of Steel In the Air, a company that assists public and private groups negotiate tower lease agreements.

"It's a Catch-22. The population doesn't want to see or deal with towers in their neighborhoods but really it's based on their demand and their usage of cell phones that require the additional towers," said Mike Hofe, president and CEO of Chesapeake Towers LLC.
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Council members question reason for tower ordinance's origination
September 6, 2007
MISSION VIEJO, CA - City council members passed on a draft ordinance that would have banned cell towers from city parks, especially when they had no idea why the city attorney placed it on the agenda.

The proposed law would have prohibited third parties from using parks for non-recreational uses, including the installation of cell towers. The city attorney said he was being proactive, as the council will hold a public hearing on a proposed Wireless Master Plan for the city on September 17.

The intent was to induce and entice the council into some discussion to give us some direction, City Attorney William Curley said. Council members said the ordinance was unnecessary and did not want to limit where cell towers could be placed.
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Union Wireless says lattice tower safer than monopoles for tower techs
September 5, 2007
LARAMIE, WY - After gaining approval on first reading last month, Union Telephone is seeking approval on second reading for a lattice-style wireless tower. At the first reading Union Wireless said that they use a microwave system to bring in their signal to the tower and that type of system requires a more rigid tower.

A lattice tower provides more flexibility for a company to allow other companies to co-locate on the tower, their representative said. He also stated that when equipment needs to be repaired, it is much safer for tower technicians to work on a lattice tower than a monopole.
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New regulation would require proof that there is no other structure within one mile
September 4, 2007
HILLTOWN TWP., PA - Hilltown Township in Bucks County approved new regulations for cell towers that restrict the placement and construction of new cell tower sites. Telecommunications companies are encouraged to utilize existing towers if they need to add new antennas. If a company can prove that there is no other structure within a 1-mile radius of the area they want to serve, then it may be approved to build a new tower. The tower would have to blend in to its surroundings.

Road damage is a concern for homeowner against monopole installation
September 3, 2007
FENTON, MO - Despite an unfavorable recommendation from staff and objections from nearby residents, a cell phone tower could still go up adjacent to the Winter Valley subdivision in Fenton. Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Commission voted 5-3 in favor of erecting a 150-foot cell tower on 17 acres on Radonna Drive, about 105 feet from homes in a cul-de-sac on Keystone Drive. The tower, which was proposed by St. Charles Tower, will be a monopole structure for Clearwire Communications Co. One resident said he would like to see a cash bond put up for any damage done to community roads.
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Board takes no time in denying 110-foot flag pole application
September 1, 2007
NEWBURYPORT, MA - Although most variance requests take weeks, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted during a hearing this week to deny Omnipoint Communications and 5G Investment Trust a variance to build a 110-foot flag pole cell tower next to Storey Avenue, one of the city's main thoroughfares.

The board's decision was buoyed by the concerns of approximately 60 people who opposed the proposal.

Larry Rosenfeld, one of the partners of 5G Investment Trust, said he has yet to make a decision on whether his company will appeal the decision.

"I was a little surprised they denied it so quickly," he said, adding that usually a board will continue such a matter to give the company a chance to respond to the concerns," he said.
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New regulations require inspections and stealthing
August 31, 2007
HILLTOWN, PA - Many communities are requiring carriers to add their antennas to existing towers instead of building new ones in order to keep cell phone towers to a minimum, but Hilltown officials recently passed an ordinance that goes quite a few steps further.

The cell phone carrier applicant must identify that there are no other suitable structures in the immediate area, a common community requirement. However, any new cell site structure approved must be a stealth-type tower.

In addition, cell phone towers now cannot be built in areas specified for age-qualified residential communities, or neighborhoods for people 55 and over.

Plus tower owners must also provide periodic information that the tower or antenna is structurally safe and the companies are responsible for paying for inspections.

Health fears allayed by Niles area resident
August 30, 2007
FREMONT, CA - Following numerous objections by residents, a cell phone tower in Niles was approved by the Fremont Planning commission earlier this month

This is the second phone tower to be approved for the Niles District, though the first has yet to be built. The 87-foot monopine will be built by T-Mobile.

One woman in the audience said that cell phone towers do not cause health problems. "I would ask the people against the tower if they'd be willing to give up radios, wireless computers, television, wireless speakers, walkie-talkies, microwave ovens, GPS systems all of those things combined give more radiation than this proposed tower will," she said.
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Negotiations close to settling tower approval lawsuit
August 28, 2007
CHICO, CA - Crown Castle International received approval to construct a tower in the Hooker Oak Recreation Area in Bidwell Park from city leaders, however, two groups that have filed a lawsuit against the citing of the structure have until September 29 to settle the suit before it goes to trial, according to City Attorney Dave Frank.

Attorney Richard Harriman, who is representing Chico Citizens for Community Justice and the Fresno-based Valley Advocates in the lawsuit, said it looks as though the parties involved are close to settlement. Frank said while Harriman is suing the city, it is not about to change the conditions in its permit allowing the cell phone tower.

"The city is not negotiating anything; it will be a discussion between Crown Castle and the petitioners," Frank said.
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What a difference 20-feet makes, Sprint gets okay from city council
August 27, 2007
LEAWOOD, KS - Residents who said they had unacceptable cell phone coverage supported a Sprint/Nextel request to build a 95-foot monopine at Leawood South Country Club, 12700 Overbrook Road. However, the proposal was opposed by residents who live near the golf course who thought the tower should be limited to 65 feet, which city staff recommended, or not be approved at all.

The City Council said they would permit Sprint to build a 75-foot tall monopine on the golf course, but only after Sprint said 65-foot structure would not work effectively.

Although cell towers are not allowed within 500 feet of a residential area, because the tower is stealthed as a monopine, it is considered an alternative tower structure by city standards and is therefore able to be permitted.
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Florida city eyes towers as revenue source
August 24, 2007
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - City council member Bill Foster thinks the city should consider getting into the cellular tower business.  He believes that towers cost approximately $300,000 to build, and collect between $150,000 and $200,000 a year from carriers. 

"So the thing pays for itself in two years, and after that it's win-win, it's 100% net," said Foster.

He proposes putting the towers on big pieces of property such as parks and golf courses so they do not appear so overwhelming. 

Although foster believes that it's a 100% net after two years, he is sadly mistaken, say professionals who understand the capital and operating costs. The city council will review Foster's proposal.

Georgia community commissioners nix T-Mobile tower request
August 23, 2007
PARKVIEW, GA - The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday denied a controversial request to build a 199-foot cell tower next to Parkview High School and above several youth soccer fields.

Commissioner Bert Nasuti said that they didn't prove their case as to need.

T-Mobile's kept the tower to an above ground level below 200 feet so that the tower would not have to be lamped at night.  But the tower plans still received strong protests from neighborhood resident who were concerned that the tower might pose safety risks to the people who live in the area as well as Parkview students.

Lightower's 10-foot addition's visibility questioned
August 22, 2007
NEWFIELDS, NH - Verizon Wireless wants to extend an existing tower in the community by 10 feet, to allow for their co-location, but some residents are questioning whether approval might signal the ability for other co-locators to raise the structure's height even further. 

The current Lightower tower, due to the community's topography, has low visibility, but residents believe a taller tower will compromise Newfields' scenic views. Newfields' planning board has learned that a generator existing at the site is not enclosed and can be heard by residents.

The board has accepted Verizon's application and continued last week's hearing to next month's meeting.
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PA township's residents feel they've been left out of the approval process
August 21, 2007
CENTER TOWNSHIP, PA  - Community homeowners are concerned because they believe they will not have a chance to oppose a cell phone tower being considered by the township's school board, however, they are taking their frustration out on township supervisors.
A 100-foot tower, to be built by T-Mobile on a small parcel the company would lease from the Center Area School District, must be approved by the township because communications towers are permitted as conditional uses in residential zones.

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VFW flag site protested by area residents
August 20, 2007
FAIR LAWN , NJ - The local VFW wants to raise a 62-foot flagpole cell site on their property, but more than 100 local residents didn't salute their efforts last week, instead  they protested the flag's placement in front of the VFW building on Morlot Avenue.

Residents have called the T-Mobile flagpole an eyesore that will drive down property values in the neighborhood, which already contains the Fair Lawn water tower. Some residents were concerned about using a flag for commercial purposes and one homeowner said that the large flag could create too much noise flapping in the breeze. The lit structure was also a concern. Homeowners are not pleased with the noise that hey have to put up with when there are social events in the veteran's headquarters and are citing the cell site as the final straw. The Board of Adjustment will review the variance request on September 6 at 7:00 p.m.
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Greece to hear plans for second cell site tower
August 19, 2007
GREECE, NY - T-Mobile is seeking approval to place a second cell tower in a residential area of Greece.

In July the cell phone carrier asked the Zoning Board of Appeals to approve a 105-foot cell tower in the rear of the Church of Christ at 25 Lawson Road. They are now seeking zoning board approval for a 150-foot tower on land at 69 Post Ave. in northern Greece. That site is located in a lightly developed residential area between North Greece and Flynn roads.
Greece's director of development services said there is already an existing tower on the Post Avenue property, but it appears the existing pole has reached its maximum structural capacity.

Both plans will be reviewed August 20 at a meeting in Town Hall.
Greece often encourages cell providers to share existing poles rather than build new ones, but that isn't always possible, he said.

New York stealth tower exhibit focuses on art, not controversy
August 17, 2007
SARANAC LAKE, NY - An exhibit is currently depicting one local artist's view of how antenna towers have altered the rural and suburban landscape in modern America.

Lake Placid resident Peter Seward's exhibit titled "Stealth Towers," is an oil and watercolor look at how antenna towers have become ubiquitous in much of the 21st century landscape, yet remain a controversial issue in the North Country.

The exhibit, opened yesterday at Bluseed Studios in Saranac Lake, and features towers hidden in "sacred icons" such as church steeples, flagpoles, totem poles and trees.
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New Jersey community seeks to restrict cell towers
August 16, 2007
WOODBRIDGE, NJ - In response to a judge's ruling, the Township Council has introduced an ordinance to restrict the construction and placement of cell-phone towers in neighborhoods. In an ordinance passed on first reading August 7, the township would seek to limit the number of cell towers and - whenever possible - to existing structures and areas zoned for heavy industry.

The proposed ordinance's stated goals include discouraging new towers, encouraging alternative technologies that can use shorter towers or no towers at all, protecting public safety, and safeguarding "the prevailing . . . visual landscapes, character and development throughout the township."
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AT&T request heard, but will be discussed again in February
August 15, 2007
BARNEGAT, NJ -  Despite three more hours of testimony Tuesday night, the Zoning Board of Adjustment carried a controversial Cingular cell tower application for a second time.

"It's clear that we are not going to be able to finish hearing all aspects of the application," Fred Rubenstein, the zoning board chairman, said. "So we are going to have to carry it again."

AT&T is seeking a conditional-use approval, a front-yard setback, separation from the pole to single-family homes and preliminary and final major site plan approval. Under a township ordinance, a distance of 486 feet is required between the tower and single-family homes. The company is asking for 340 feet.
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Popular Vermont cheese community may benefit from new state law
August 13, 2007
CABOT, VT - Cabot zoning board planners wanted to avoid building a 1,000-foot road into the woods to install a 200-foot cell tower in the small Washington County town known more for its famous cheese than its cutting-edge technology. So they invoked the new telecommunications law passed just months earlier by the Vermont Legislature that aimed to bring broadband Internet access and wireless coverage to all parts of the state by 2010.

The rural town of Cabot, which has a population of approximately 1,200 and is the home of the famous Cabot Creamery, has some of the strictest zoning laws in the state, including one that requires a 1,500-foot setback from the nearest home for new telecommunications facilities.

It now appears that UNICEL may have an opportunity to build a cell site after they were turned down in a previous application that would have had their antennas mounted on a silo.
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Internet ayes will not have their flagpole and neither will U.S. Cellular
August 10, 2007
LINDBERGH, MO - The Lindbergh Board of Education voted not to pursue plans to erect a 120-foot tall cell tower concealed as a flag pole after they reviewed a month-long internet survey conducted by the district that captured approximately 100 responses from district residents.

Of the 103 responses, only 25 were in favor. Sixty-four either opposed or had reservations about the cell tower location, Karl Guyer, the district's executive director of facilities, said.

U.S. Cellular approached the district in 2006 about leasing space at Sappington Elementary School. The lease was expected to bring in $22,000 the first year and then increase by four percent every year thereafter. Over 30 years, the lease would bring in $1.2 million for the district.

Golf club goes for the green, but residents aren't pleased
August 8, 2007
GREENVILLE, SC - Pegasus Tower Company's application for a 150-foot monopole on Carolina Golf Club property off of Edwards Road is a concern to some homeowners and the Board of Zoning Appeals will hear both sides of the issue today.

Health and property value concerns are expected to surface at the hearing. The golf club will receive approximately $900 per month on the 99-year lease.

Pegasus Tower went through the proper procedures to apply for a special exemption, but neighbors didn't pay attention to the sign posted on club property announcing today's hearing and weren't aware of it until this week.
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Verizon doesn't opt in for DAS, but two carriers are viewing it
August 7, 2007
NORTH HAMPTON, NH - In a June 22 letter to the North Hampton Board of Selectmen, an attorney for Verizon Wireless wrote the company "does not view participation in the implementation of a distributed antenna system (DAS) as a suitable solution to the existing coverage gap in North Hampton."

However, Denis Kokenak, a homeowner and retired entrepreneur, says he is in discussion with two of five major carriers that are looking at his approved application for a DAS.

"I'm optimistic," he said. "The timing is such that they may not be ready now, but when they want it we can have it up in three to six months. This can work."
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Saguaro to be planted in concrete to preserve Eagle Mountain aesthetics
August 6, 2007
FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - The Fountain Hills Town Council voted 6-0 last week to approve a T-Mobile 35-foot tall cell phone stealthed as a saguaro cactus at the Inn at Eagle Mountain, 9800 N. Summer Hill Blvd.

Determined to preserve their aesthetic landscape, town officials asked other phone companies to build two of the stealth saguaros several years ago.

Barbara Bruce, general manager for the Inn at Eagle Mountain, said the tower should boost service for guests at the 42-suite luxury inn.

"Cell phone service and cell phone signals are very sporadic in the little valley nestled up to the Eagle Mountain community," Bruce said. "T-mobile contacted us . . . with interest in our location, realizing there is a signal void."

Verizon COW's six-year temporary status revoked
August 3, 2007
LA QUINTA, CA - A cell site COW (cell site on wheels) received a temporary use permit dating back to 2001 in order for it to be located at the La Quinta Resort & Club and nearby residents say it's time for the 30-foot structure to come down.

Verizon Wireless rents space on La Quinta Resort property for the cell site. There is a gap of several years when Verizon did not apply for a new permit. The latest expired in March, but nearly five months later, the tower is still there. City and resort officials say they're working with Verizon to move the antenna to a less intrusive spot.

Many residents say the company never should have been allowed to put the tower in the driveway of the historic Morgan Home because the City Council did not grant the necessary approval. They also question whether Verizon and the resort received special treatment.
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Squirrels and resort anxious to see monopine built in West Virginia
August 2, 2007
WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV - The Greenbrier is anxious to improve cell phone communications on its resort property and squirrels might possibly be watching the zoning process for a 100-foot monopine very carefully.

According to Verizon spokesman John Johnson, the branches will be attached to the pole and will be molded from actual pine trees.

"A resin type of material will be used and the needles will be made of vinyl or plastic. The branches are fit to shield the view of the antennas."

"The biggest problem we've had with the latest generation of these towers is they look so realistic that squirrels keep chewing the needles off the branches," he said.
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T-Mobile steps away from zoning application that was widely contested
August 2, 2007
BENSALEM, PA - Residents near the Neshaminy Valley section of Bensalem showed up in force during a packed June zoning board meeting and they believe their strength in numbers helped to defeat a T-mobile plan to build a wireless cell tower in their community.

The cell phone carrier sent a letter to the township this week, withdrawing its application for a telecommunications facility off Declaration Drive near the historic Growden Mansion. The Bensalem zoning hearing board was scheduled to review the application tonight at a public meeting. A hearing on that project has been canceled.

Borough agreement only separates church and state in revenue sharing
August 1, 2007
FAIR HAVEN, NJ -  Municipalities are anxious to court cell phone carriers in order for them to place a communications tower on their property so that they can reap the expected revenues from a lease. Borough officials of Fair Haven went a step further by signing a contract with the Christ Methodist Church to lease land on which they want to build a borough-owned cell phone tower. Plans for the structure will be heard on August 14 by the Planning Board.  Under the agreement, the borough and church, off Ridge Road, will split the tower revenues. The exact amount the church will receive depends on the outcome of negotiations with individual cellular telephone carriers.

The lease for the property is for a total of 30 years, with renewals every five years. Negotiations with the carriers will be handled by the borough's tower consultant, FSD Enterprises of Red Bank.|
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Villa owner kills three over cell tower installation flap
August 1, 2007
CAIRO, EGYPT - Over the years U.S. residents have become quite vocal when their zoning officials discuss proposals for new cell tower installations. Some overzealous anti-tower advocates have been escorted out of meetings and threatened with arrest for disturbing the peace.

In the town of Monofiya, a wealthy Egyptian man opened fire on his village neighbors on Saturday, killing three residents and injuring others when they came to him to protest a cell tower that he had built on his property.

Alaa Salama, the alleged murderer, wanted to install a cell tower over his grand villa, but was faced with refusals from his underprivileged neighbors as they feared for their families' health.

Salama took advantage of the Ahly-Benflica football match on Saturday and while the whole village was watching, he installed the tower. When they came to him protesting in anger, he opened fire in the hopes of terrorizing them when he killed three.

Security forces dealt with the situation violently, beating up some of the residents.

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