New FAA Marking Requirements for Meteorological TowersFAA issues guidance on marking MET towers
The FAA says that meteorological towers less than 200 feet above ground level should be painted. Although it's a voluntary request, not doing so would provide ammunition to a potential plaintiff in a lawsuit involving a crash. Please see MET tower
Tower Owner KilledClimber's wife and boyfriend linked to death of tower owner
Authorities believe that Lynn Hajny and her boyfriend Tommy Douyette killed Lynn's husband's boss because he was due past wages. He was found in the garage of his Brookfield, Wisc. home. Please see: Tower Owner Shot
U.S. Senate Collocation BillU.S. Senate bill could block local control of collocations
A bill designed to improve public safety communications and provide for a nationwide public safety wireless network is being labeled as one that will undermine zoning authorities. Please see: S.911 

Tower Tech ShotTipsy Arkansas tower landlord shoots tech
Tower techs have one of the most dangerous jobs in America, according to OSHA, but a crew worker had no control over his safety yesterday when he came close to being killed by a tipsy landlord. Please see: Tech Shot 

Osprey on Cell TowerMonopole fire displaces its penthouse tenants
An OB-1 obstruction light electrical malfunction appears to have caused a fire early Monday morning that was responsible for destroying a 150-foot Verizon monopole in Poulsbo, Wash. Please see: Electrical Fire 
Cigarette Ends GunfightIndustry marketer Lisa Ogden passes
Well-known wireless industry marketer Lisa E. Ogden passed away unexpectedly. The Business Development Manager for Nello Corporation had been active at State Wireless Association meetings and wireless conferences. Please see: Lisa Ogden 
Cigarette Ends GunfightCell site gunfight by high loon ends with a smoke break
It is not known why a 55-year-old Madison County Ark. man climbed a cell tower and started firing at police officers. But after he started jonesing for a cigarette it was all over. Please see: Tower Shooter
Cigarette Site HazardLit butt fire stokes the need to review site safety hazards
While working on a South Georgia tower, it appears that a tower technician discarded a cigarette into a surrounding field that quickly caught fire, causing 12 acres to burn, according to authorities. Please see: Cigarette Site Hazard 
American Tower Reliance TowersShell site developer allegedly paid $14,000 in bribe
A former Lackawanna County, Penn. commissioner, Robert Cordaro, is believed to have received a $14,000 kickback for the award of the 190-foot self supporting tower in 2006 to a company in his hometown. Please see: Cell Site Bribe 
American Tower Reliance TowersATC seen as top suitor in acquisition of 50,000 towers
In what is being described as a $4 billion deal, American Tower Corporation might be the frontrunner in a bid to acquire India's Reliance Communications' 50,000 towers. It's not the first time ATC has tried. Please see: Reliance Communications
LightSquared - Sprint DealGPS tests fail as LightSquared positions itself with Sprint
LightSquared's initial tests suggest the start-up wholesaler could knock out some GPS systems. The broadband carrier is also looking knock out many thousands of site builds by partnering with with Sprint for $2 billion a year. Please see: LightSquared 
SEC Probe American Tower CorporationAmerican Tower gets SEC subpoena for tax docs
American Tower Corporation has received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission related to the company's tax accounting and reporting. ATC said it will cooperate fully with the SEC's request. Please see: SEC Probe 
Joplin Tower Collapse TornadoTornado challenges tower technician to give back
Tower tech J.L. Lane was one of many workers who helped restore communications to Joplin, MO after the tornado. He provides a moving description of the days he spent there and how a little girl's shoe is making a difference in his life. Please see: Joplin 
New Wireless Estimator Site SearchNew site search engine introduced
To make it even easier to find content on Wireless Estimator's many hundreds of pages, the web site has introduced a new site search engine that's lightning quick, easy and reliable. Take it for a test drive above.
Blaw-Knox Tower CollapseTwo Blaw-Knox towers bow to Mother Nature
Strong storms knocked out power to an estimated 26,000 people in the Fargo, ND area, along with hundreds more in rural areas. They also kayoed two towers.
Please see: Blaw-Knox 
Missouri Monopole FireMissouri T-Mobile monopole destroyed by fire
Adding to T-Mobile's problems in Joplin, MO as they try to restore tornado damaged cell sites, a tower crew retrofitting a T-Mobile structure in Kansas City, MO accidentally set it on fire. Please see: Cell Tower Fire 
Joplin Tower Collapse TornadoSeventeen towers toppled by Missouri tornado that killed 116
While rescue workers are searching for additional survivors from Sunday's deadly tornado, tower contractors are installing cell towers on wheels to provide emergency communications in Joplin, MO. Please see: Joplin 
Pennsylvania Tower ProjectCrown's colo contract will help to offset bloated costs
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania awarded Crown Castle a contract which could bring them $500,000 per year. It will be a needed sum to reduce their statewide tower network project that doubled in price. Please see: Crown 

New Tower Industry JSASafety professionals sought to assist in JSA design
There are a number of Job Safety Analysis forms being used in the tower construction-related industry. Some are excellent, many are just cut and paste products from a former employer. Volunteers are being sought to create one designed by industry safety professionals. Please see: New JSA form 

Amber Mamp ComTrainTower safety instructor performs a truly high rescue
While on her way home after conducting a tower safety and rescue course, Amber Mamp's skillsets were called upon to help save the life of an 80-year old woman.
Please see High Rescue 

James Taiclet American TowerAmerican Tower sees a profitable upside to the AT&T merger
Concerned about an out of context news reports, American Tower's CEO said his company was in favor of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger and informed investors that if history repeats itself, the deal will be profitable for them. Please see: AT&T 

Global Tower PartnersGTP goes green with Cricket tower buy
Although Global Tower Partners announced that it has purchased all of Cricket Communications, Inc.'s 130 towers, it neither detailed the price nor identified whether it would still employ a core group of goats. Please see: Going green on maintenance 

AT&T Cell Tower CrashHigh bail for driver who kayoed AT&T cell site
After the van he was driving crashed into an AT&T cell site, the driver was charged with a number of offenses, but a Pennsylvania judge set his bail at an unheard of amount, 50 times more than most judges set for murder. Please see: High Bail 
Fatal Cell Tower Fall CincinnatiPolice investigating why fatal fall from tower occurred
A non-industry-related fatality is being investigated by Cincinnati police after a man fell from the approximately 900-foot level of WLWT's 1,018-foot tower. Severed body parts were found in the adjoining woods and neighboring community. Please see: WLWT 

Mike Rowe Dirty JobsTower erectors' redemption day may be coming
When NBC Dateline profiled tower crews in Tower Dogs many people thought the industry was given a national black eye.
 America will once again view the tower erection profession - but this time in a more respectful tone as they view a tower erected on the Discovery Channel's “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”. Please see: Dirty Jobs

Storms Topple TowersTowers toppled in severe storms
Severe storms and tornadoes have destroyed a number of towers and damaged dozens of cell sites throughout seven states, but pales in any comparison to the destruction to homes - and most importantly the high number of deaths. Please see: Tornadoes 
Wireless Industry Health WatchIndustry health check provides a real time snapshot
Ever wonder how the tower design, development and maintenance industry is doing compared to other telecom sectors? Two new tracking indexes now provide a capsule view of the industry's health as well as news about publically trades companies you may be doing business with. Commodity pricing is also available. Please See: Checkup
Talley Minnesota LocationTalley announces the opening of its eighth facility
Talley Inc., one of the nation's leading distributors of wireless communications and mobile products, has announced the opening of a new facility in the Minneapolis area.
 Please see: Minnesota
Cell tower in a suitcaseAT&T starts selling cell tower in a suitcase
AT&T announced that it is now selling small, portable cellular antennas that will allow corporate and government customers to provide their own wireless coverage in remote or disaster-struck areas. Please see: Suitcase tower 
Jeffrey Silva AT&T, SprintSprint agreement could be seen as beneficial by AT&T's regulators
Sprint Nextel Corp. appears to be in talks to lease space on its wireless network to LightSquared and Clearwire Corp. However, that deal could be viewed by regulators as beneficial to the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Please see Sprint.

Texas Tower Rigger DeathsTwo tower techs die in Indiana after gin pole fails
Two Texas tower technicians died after falling approximately 340 feet off of a new guyed tower they were erecting for WXXB-102.9 FM in Indiana. They were working at the site with an additional three crew members for Indiana-based ERI Inc. Please see Deaths

Citing of Cell Tower, NJSex enters a New Jersey community's citing hearing
Bloomfield, N.J., the birthplace of Connie Francis who is well known for her 1960's hit single, Where the Boys Are, will now be celebrated as the community that exposed premarital sex between cell towers. Please see: Sex in the city of siting
Tower Company CEO StocksTowerco CEOs' holdings range from $2 to $46.4 million
There's a wide range between CEOs' ownership of their company stock; if you want to keep a community happy with no lights on your tower it's going to be pricy. These and other articles can be found in News by the Numbers. Please see: Towerco CEOs 

Anritsu Harley CompetitionAnritsu to trade a Harley for the most challenging cell site
Think you have the toughest job in the world? Anritsu wants you to prove it by entering their Toughest Site Competition. And for your troubles you could win something equally as tough: a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Please see: Anritsu

Tower Copper TheftsDNA and digital cameras assist in tower site investigations
An Attleboro, Mass. man is being sought by police for a break-in and theft of a satellite dish and other items totaling $10,000 from a TV station's tower in 2009 after authorities matched his DNA to blood left at the scene. Please see: Tower thefts
AT&T T-Mobile ConsolidationCarriers jab, but contractors and suppliers will be in survival mode
The nation's three largest mobile carriers' chiefs took playful jabs at each other during the CTIA keynote address in Orlando, Fla., but suppliers and contractors said the AT&T and T-Mobile marriage will be another fight for survival. Please see: AT&T 
WEAU Tower CollapseIce takes out Wisconsin's tallest tower
WEAU-TV's 1,998-foot broadcast tower collapsed about 8:30 p.m. yesterday evening after ice assisted 40-mile-per-hour winds in toppling the state's highest structure. Please see WEAU
ATT and T-Mobile MergerAT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile raises monopoly concerns
Monopoly, profitability and stability are just three of a number of concerns raised by the announcement that AT&T will be acquiring T-Mobile. Tower companies, contractors and suppliers are expected to see a business downturn. Please see: AT&T.
Valmont StructuresValmont has major role in analyzing nation's towers
With an impressive 25,000 structures throughout the country, the tower manufacturer is becoming the go to company of engineers for tower owners looking to analyze their PiRod, Microflect or Valmont structures. Please see: Valmont

Darrin PetersMUTI opens technical services division
Telecommunications general contractor Midwest Underground Technology, Inc. has announced the opening of its technical services division, Telecom Services Company, LLC to be lead
by MUTI’s President/CEO Darrin Peters. Please see: MUTI

NATE Oklahoma ShowNATE's Oklahoma show seen as a huge success
With perfect weather, excellent presentations and sought after social events filling an event packed four days in Oklahoma City, the National Association of Tower Erectors ended its 16th Annual Conference & Exposition on February 24 with attendees agreeing that it was one of the best shows NATE has held. Please see: NATE
Talley CommunicationsTalley announces three new Vice Presidents
Talley Inc., one of the industry’s largest wireless distributors, named Pat Flynn, Glenn Lee and Scott Wenk company Vice Presidents. All three men have worked at Talley for a number of years. Please see: Talley

Tower Suicide MichiganRoutine tower maintenance finds a suicide victim at 1,000 feet 
A broadcast tower maintenance crew in Oak Park, Mich. made a gruesome discovery when they found a dead body on top of the candelabra at the 1,000 foot level of a 1,086-foot guyed tower owned by Richland Towers. Please see: Suicide

Hal Wooden Talley CommunicationsIndustry veteran earns Talley Inc. award
Hal Wooden, Vice President of Sales at Talley Inc. and a wireless industry veteran of over 20 years, was given the 2010 President’s Circle Award. Hal is one of only six people to have received this award. Please see: Wooden 
Stealth Cell Tower"Buyer beware" is county's defense for really stealth structure
An attorney for Fayette County, Pa. says a tower on a parcel of property it sold wasn't a stealth structure, it just wasn't there; so there, that should do it. However, a realty firm disagrees, stating it bought the property because of an advertised tower on it. Please see: Stealth 
Peter Sandore Sabre CEOSabre's organizational change promotes Peter Sandore to CEO
Sabre Industries, Inc. has announced that Peter J. Sandore, COO, will become the Executive President and Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately, while current President and CEO, James D. Mack, will become Chairman of the Board of Directors. Please see: Sandore 
Turfing Contractors For AT&TDozens denigrate AT&T's turfing contractor model
A Canadian contractor says his country's wireless industry is fairer; a rigger from the UK says Vodafone wouldn't have the bollocks to treat companies like carriers do in America; and another viewer says unions might be the answer to a serious wireless build-out concern that has the country's contractors speaking out. Please see: Turfers
Kurt BagwellSBA exec says pricing shouldn't affect injury and fatality rate
At NATE's annual conference held this year in Oklahoma City, SBA COO Kurt Bagwell said that lower pricing generated by turfing contractors shouldn't evolve into a higher injury or fatality rate: Please see: Kurt Bagwell
Tower Price IncreasesA rise in tower pricing is expected
As the global steel market continues to experience rapid inflation for critical production inputs which are causing significant increases in steel prices, a number of tower manufacturers at NATE's annual conference said that they would be raising their prices. Valmont Structures is the first company to make a formal announcement, identifying that they would be increasing their list prices on towers by 9% effective March 1.
First tower fatality of 2011Fatal fall is industry’s first in 2011
A 43-year-old Georgia tower technician fell to his death from a 300-foot self supporting tower in Okeechobee, Fla. on Sunday. His death was the first industry fatality in 2011. Please see: Worker dies
AT&T Mobility Cell SitesCarrier is crippling the nation's contractors
Make no doubt about it. AT&T Mobility's turfing contractor program is setting tower contractors up for failure and putting some of them out of business because they take 40% or more off the top of construction projects. Please read the commentary here.
JP Jones ComTrainComTrain emerges with new ownership, web site and location
Since 1996 ComTrain has held iconic status as a safety training company. New courses and a corporate location will advance it even further. John Paul (JP) Jones has assumed the role as Vice President. Please see: ComTrain
Ivan SeidenbergATC's Vegas network highlights Verizon's LTE capabilities
American Tower Corporation deployed its first 700 MHz Long Term Evolution Multiple In Multiple Out In-Building DAS at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas - just in time for a major keynote speech by Verizon's CEO. Please see: Seidenberg
BTS Alcatel LucentAn 11-ounce BTS could cut into company profits
Alcatel-Lucent took the industry by surprise when they unveiled a palm-sized BTS that could revolutionize the tower industry. Verizon is already looking at it as are suppliers and contractors who want to see if it's widely accepted.
Please see: Eleven ounce BTS 

Wireless Classifieds AdvertisingNew classifieds site targets the tower construction industry
A new web site - www.WirelessClassifieds.com- has been created as a result of an overwhelming demand by buyers and sellers who said they needed an online marketplace that could showcase new and used inventories in the tower construction industry. Please see: Wireless Classifieds 

Guy Tower CollapseTowers kayoed by storm, stupidity and the small-minded
Next G Communications built a tower on a NY family's lawn in NY without permission; racists were blamed for stripping an AM radio station's six towers in Tenn. And Mother Nature got the best of an AM tower in Ind. Please see: Next G
AT&T Monopole Fire New JerseyNew Jersey fire totals AT&T monopole
A 152-foot AT&T monopole was completed destroyed after transmission lines caught fire while the contractor was welding. For an excellent video of firefighters putting the blaze out, please see: Monopole Fire 

T-Mobile Tower SaleBillions expected for T-Mobile tower portfolio sale
T-Mobile is entertaining bids for its 8,000-plus towers. It will be the biggest cattle car buy in many years. An offer failed in 2007, but the times are ripe now for a major deal. Please see: T-Mobile 

LightSquared Buildout SlowdownGPS snafu puts LightSquared projects on hold
LightSquared is assembling an industry coalition to see if their network will interfere with GPS systems. It will take over six months and a number of projects have been put on hold. The good news is that Clearwire has a new chairman. See: Light Squared

KMGB TowerTwo iconic towers; one is forced to retire
January 17, 2011 - Amongst many, America has two tower icons, but one will go into the scrap pile this week and the other might gain national prominence and be assured longevity. Please see: Historical tower
Monopole Fire BCI CommunicationsMonopole fire is up close and personal for firefighters
Neither snow nor rain nor heat will keep mail carriers from their appointed rounds - unless the heat is from a flaming monopole. After catching fire the California cell tower was completely destroyed. Please see: Monopole
Clovis Prince ATandTNarcissistic cell site developer could be sentenced to 55 years
Clovis Prince was convicted of fraudulently taking millions of dollars and could serve the rest of his life in jail. In an interesting twist, his standby counsel says he should have his sentence reduced because he suffers from a grandiose sense of self-importance and needs excessive admiration. Please see: AT&T and contractors taken by Prince
 Cell Tower Construction
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