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Free Climbing Video Tower WorkerVideo seen by NATE as dangerous and misleading
The National Association of Tower Erectors has challenged tower companies to only allow qualified contractors to set foot on their sites. Their request follows a rebuke of a viral free climbing video. Please see: 
Free Climbing
Tower Worker Insurance DecisionCourt rules on insurance exclusions following three deaths
A subcontractor backed up his Ford F-250 to lift three tower techs to their work station. The rope broke and they died. The prime argued that there wasn't a valid contract. The Texas Supreme Court disagreed. Please see: 
Court rules on exclusions
LightSquared Master LeasesLightSquared's MLAs to reflect downsized equipment 
Every tenant is a welcomed addition, but LightSquared's chief  network officer told towerco execs that the LTE wholesaler is only going to require limited space on towers when it builds out its 40,000 base stations. Please read: 
Don't think too green!
Cell Tower CompaniesTower counts: Oftentimes inaccurate and purposely misleading
Unmanageable databases and inflated site portfolios make it a daunting task to identify the total of communications towers in the nation, especially since search programs rely heavily upon FCC registrations. Please see: 
Smoke and mirrors?  
Tower Leg ReplacementNew system allows for inexpensive tower leg replacement
A new process by TriVis is capturing the industry's attention since its introduction earlier this month. It will save tower owners and carriers money and enhance a co-locator's ability to generate revenue earlier. Please see: 
New leg replacement
T-Mobile Solar Powered Cell SiteT-Mobile touts its first solar powered cell tower site
It's not the first solar site in America; Verizon was first on board with solar, but it may be the first site that is capable of selling back power to the local utility.
Please see: 
Pennsylvania solar tower
Free Climbing On TowerMillions of viewers told it's okay to free climb
A viral video that has exceeded two million viewers says that it's okay to free climb. Professionals know it's in violation of OSHA requirements, but are concerned about the public's interpretation. Please see: 
Climber Hall of Shame
Public Tower CompaniesPCIA show's towerco chiefs expected to provide positive outlook 
The nation's three public tower companies and two of the industry's largest private aggregators will again provide their state of the industry outlook during the PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Show, October 4-7 in Hollywood, Fla.
  Please see: PCIA 
NATE-OSHA-PartnershipNATE breaks OSHA partnership after it no longer is one
OSHA heralded the NATE partnership on its web site, but the new administration is not the same one that formed it and the partners are not equals.
Please see: 
NATE to OSHA: Sorry, it's over! 
Tower-Erector-SuitContractor sued for allegedly allowing free climbing  
The deceased tech's mom is suing his Oklahoma employer, stating he was free climbing when he fell last year from a U.S. Cellular guyed tower in Oregon County Missouri. Please see: 
Contractor sued for lack of training
Tower Tech Survives FallTech survives following 100-foot fall in Pennsylvania
An electrical contractor worker fell approximately 100 feet off of a monopole and his condition is improving. His safety director said he was doing "remarkably well, considering what happened." Please see: 
Tech on the mend in PA  
Global Tower PartnersGTP inks 450 tower deal with CitySwitch
Global Tower Partners has closed a deal with CitySwitch for more than 450 towers and tower development rights along 21,000 miles of Norfolk Southern's right of way in the Eastern and Central U.S. Please see: 
GTP rail deal    
Wireless Estimator Job TrackerNew job tracker helps to identify growth patterns
Hiring practices have always been a key component in forecasting the health of an industry. WirelessEstimator's new job tracker will help you to get a leg up on the competition in being able to see growth patterns and taking advantage of them today. Please see: 
Industry hiring trends tracker   
American Tower ColombiaATC agrees to take Coltel's Colombia assets
American Tower Corporation's Colombian subsidiary has launched operations in Colombia, where it recently entered into an agreement to purchase the exclusive use rights for up to 458 towers. Please see: 
ATC enters Colombia with tower buy   
Tower Industry Help WantedFree turbocharged job board is the fastest in the nation
You won't believe the dizzying speed at which you can now search for a job in the new Help Wanted Module. It's lightning quick and you can easily sort by jobs as well as locations. Please see: 
Turbocharged wireless job board   
American Tower Monopole FireMonopole flames quelled, but claims keep coming
Three years after a Florida contractor nearly collapsed a Michigan monopole a school district's insurance carrier has filed a suit against the contractor and the tower owner for additional damages. Please see: 
Flames out, but claim flares up
NYC Cell SiteResidents say two BTS units could collapse their building
Tenants of a Washington Heights, N.Y. apartment building say that they're worried that their 82-year-old building is going to collapse due to the weight of two base stations situated on the top of their roof. Please see: 
Two carrier tenants worry tenants  
Canadian Rigger FatalityQuebec tech's death mars Canada's enviable record
A 26-year-old tower tech fell to his death in Ontario, ending a long-standing record of safety in Canada during a period when fatalities in the U.S. continued to rise. Please see: 
Tech dies following fall in Ontario 
Tower Climber DeathISP tower accident leaves one dead in Minnesota
A tower technician was killed when the lift truck he was on tipped over while his crew was installing a communications tower for an internet service provider that they worked for. Please see: 
Truck flips, killing Minnesota man 
Genset Theft Ring ArrestedGenset theft ring arrested in Georgia
They said they were just following work orders, but a sheriff's deputy questioned the tower owner to see if an onsite crew had permission to remove generators. They didn't and they were arrested, ending a theft ring. Please see: 
Genset ring arrested  
OSHA Compliant Tower ErectorsOver 1,000 contractors became OSHA compliant in minutes
Just six months after its introduction, WirelessEstimator.com's Jobsite Emergency Action Plan has become the preferred communications safety tool for more than 1,000 contractors throughout the nation. Please see: 
OSHA compliant in minutes   
Clear Channel Tower CollapseThree-tower-array gives in to Ohio storm
For over 80 years three solid AM sentinels kept watch over Belmont County in Ohio as torrential storms tested their capacity and lost, but mother nature has finally won.
Please see: Iron Octogenarians collapse in Ohio 
New Path Networks, Crown CastleNewPath to be nucleus of Crown Castle's DAS business
Crown Castle has bought out its DAS competitor, NewPath Networks Inc., and it will become the nucleus of their DAS team. The deal was set at $115 million and integration of the Seattle-based firm is under way. Please see: Crown buys DAS competitor 
Wireless Employment AdsTower-side employment takes a huge surge
The wireless development and construction industry is bucking telecom's overall performance and help wanted ads were up 185% in July. Expect it to continue says a consultant. Please see: Tower-side employment up 
CMS Special Use PermitWireless consulting firm flubs in its recommendations says court
They state that their regulations have never been challenged in court, but Center for Municipal Solutions' recommendations have been questioned by MetroPCS and a U.S. district court judge agrees. Please see: DAS decision flawed 
McCord CommunicationsTwo dead following guy wire accident
Two Alabama tower technicians died after the Anniston guyed tower they were working on was accidentally knocked down. They were employed by McCord Communications. Please see: Two die following tower collapse 
Macys Cell Site LocationsAAT parades 750 new Macy's sites across America
AAT Communications LLC recently announced that it has inked an agreement with the department store chain R. H. Macy & Co to make available Macy's rooftops for its wireless clients throughout the nation. Please see: Macy's tops available 
Tower Program InsuranceNation's tower insurance program hits early milestone
Zurich Insurance and Tower Program Insurance Services have reached an important milestone ahead of their planned growth projections. They now have the largest program in the tower construction industry. Please see: Tower insurance goals reached 
TowerSquaredOver 40,000 new tenants for towercos and contractors
Both Nokia and Siemens were celebrating over the $7 billion dollar deal, but tower company execs are high fiving and getting ready to count a new revenue stream. Please see: 40,000 new base stations 
FMHC Acquires MDM ConstructionTelecom developer FMHC acquires MDM Construction 
FMHC Corporation, a turnkey wireless site development provider based out of Chicago, Ill. has increased its construction and maintenance capabilities through the acquisition of MDM Construction, Inc. Please see: FMHC acquires MDM Construction 
Tower Permitting Steve JobsJobs out of touch with cell tower approvals
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has demonstrated his disconnect with the infrastructure that helps to deliver his paycheck. He believes that the typical community will approve a tower application in three weeks. Please see: Three weeks to permit a tower 
Tower Fatality DefenseUnpreventable employee misconduct reviewed
Where an accident results from a technical violation of an OSHA standard, employers may be able to utilize the affirmative defense of unpreventable employee misconduct. Successful attorneys explain why. Please see: Unpreventable misconduct 
American Tower Jumper DeathVirginia parachutist's tower jump proves to be fatal
Suffolk, Va. police say one of two men died after BASE jumping from an American Tower Corporation self supporting tower located in the 4500 block of Godwin Boulevard. Please see: Extreme sport fatality 
First Amendment Violation TowersSaysTelecommunications Act violates her freedom of speech
Susan Foster championed the cause of firefighters who didn't want cell sites at their stations, but failed. Now this advocate wants the Telecommunications Act repealed based upon a First Amendment violation. Please see: Telecom Act Repeal 
Tower Climber ArrestedPrime time TV tower climber special seen in Seattle 
Seattle's normally sedate Queen Anne Hill area diners and drinkers were entertained for over a hour as a 53-year-old man performed a balancing act at 609 feet atop KIRO-TV's self supporting tower. Please see: Climbing under an influence? 
Climber Safety System failsCSA investigating fixed rail ladder protection system
A tower technician in Canada  was attached to a fall protection system when he fell over 60 feet, but the system malfunctioned and he received serious leg injuries.
Please see: Rail safety system fails 
WesTower CommunicationsAlleged thief adds copper to benefits plan
WesTower Communications offers a number of benefits, but helping yourself to the company's copper is not one of them. An employee was arrested after reportedly taking reels from a company jobsite. Please see: Worker walks off with copper 
American Tower ChileATC launches tower operations in Chile
American Tower Corporation announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase 287 communications sites in Chile, expanding the U.S.'s largest tower company's footprint abroad. Please see: ATC enters Chile's tower market 
India Tower Technician SalaryMajor builds and major pay scale differences
Canada's trying to lure qualified telecom workers across the border, but the help wanted shingle isn't out in India, or if it is there are no takers where tower technicians are only compensated from $5.00 per day. Please see: 
Major builds - major pay differences 
Women Executives at TowercosTowerco exec ranks are shy of talented women
With the departure of Jean Bua at American Tower Corporation, the publically traded towercos have returned to an all men's club, although women have helped their companies to grow.
 Please see: Males manage to take charge  
Talley Inc.Talley nudges the Big Apple with its East Coast expansion
Talley, Inc. has announced the opening of a sales and warehouse facility in the New York metropolitan area. They have been serving a number of customers in the area, but they can now "deliver the complete Talley experience." Please see: Talley expands
Crown Castle American Tower CorpCrown and American are unsuccessful suitors in 50,000 tower buy
They could have become the second largest tower owner in India, but GTL outbid two U.S. tower owners to become the largest tower owner in the world not controlled by a carrier. Please see: 
GTL outbids U.S. companies for 50,000 towers.   
Wireless Events CalendarNew calendars will keep industry abreast of training and events 
You'll now be able to track industry events and training schedules in one location with two new calendars that are up to date and chock full of information. Plus there's now a State Wireless Association information portal. Please see: 
Events Calendars   
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