Emergency module becomes program of choice for industry's wireless contractors
August 17, 2010 - Just six months after its introduction, WirelessEstimator.com's Jobsite Emergency Action Plan has become the preferred communications safetyEmergency Action Plan tool for more than 1,000 contractors throughout the nation.

The lightning-quick emergency services locator easily populates the nearest acute care hospital along with a travel route with a map and contact information for local fire, police and sheriffs' departments.

With thousands of jobs being rolled every week, contractors were expending an inordinate amount of time to meet OSHA requirements to provide resources for emergency services and first aid. Most importantly, however, information being obtained through web searches oftentimes contained inaccurate results.

Last month WirelessEstimator.com asked viewers to provide comments regarding their user experience with the safety module and we were overwhelmed with the response from dozens of companies.

Many of their remarks are appreciatively shown below.

Improvements are continuously being made to the module based upon the valuable suggestions of the program's users.

A hybrid mapping system within the program uses both Google and Yahoo resources to identify a correct address. Bing's digital mapping data partner is the same firm used by Yahoo Maps, NAVTEQ. 

User feedback
A.R. Wireless Inc. Joe Prall
Civil Division Manager
We have been using the Jobsite Emergency Action Plan since it has been available and have found it to be extremely useful. This format only takes a couple of minutes to complete and has cut down drastically the amount of time it had normally taken to find accurate safety information for the sites.

Since I have been using this form and posting it on our job boards the customers greatly approve of this format and have even made it standard for the projects. We will continue using this form going forward and really enjoy the ease of using this product. Thank you Wireless Estimator!
Advanced Integrated Services, Inc. Amber Mamp
Safety & Health Manager
We're out of Brighton, Michigan and we perform Turn- Key Construction on Cellular sites. This has been a very handy tool for us in our Tower, Civil, and Electrical Depts.

Good job on this one guys, very useful tool!
Advanced Safety Pros Corp. Clifford Wilcox
As a contracted Senior Instructor for ComTrain, LLC, I find using the Jobsite Emergency Action Plan quite invaluable! During our classroom instruction, I am emphasizing the importance of Pre-Planning and keeping good records for OSHA.

Your JEAP does all that and more. I use it even for all Advanced Safety Pros Training Classes, as it shows an excellent habit for the Students. In fact, I have used it for other Classes taught by Advanced Safety Pros, not even related to the Tower Industry!

It truly is a great format for planning any construction project. Thanks again for leading with this excellent tool!
Andrew - A CommScope Company Don Espach
Manager - Safety and Health
We are using the Wirelessestimator Jobsite Emergency Action Plan (JEAP) throughout Andrew Systems.

Simply put, it is a great tool that reduces the time required to compile this necessary safety information. Great job!
BPI Inc. Brent Wells
V.P. Southern Division
The JEAP provided by Wireless Estimator is a remarkable tool that has reduced my time in preparing these documents by at least 95%.

I don't have to search, map or route to the required emergency services because it is all right there in a few easy steps. This program is the total package and I want to thank Wireless Estimator for providing it. Thanks again.
Centerline Communications Julie Woodson I cannot say enough good things about your website! I can create a JSA in 1 minute! I no longer have to waste time searching for hospitals and hospital directions per site.

I have also utilized other areas of your website and have gained so much more information about the Wireless Industry. Thank you so very much for helping me to make my job easier and quicker!
Dillard Smith Construction Company Carolyn Williams Our safety director gave me your address for the address for the jobsite emergency action plan. It was a wonderful tool in our safety planning. This is a valuable tool for anyone setting up a new job site.

We are located in Tennessee, and we work in many locations. We do high line construction and maintenance. We require our crews to have an emergency plan, just in case of an accident.

Your web site provided the information we needed for our emergency plan. We could have spent days getting the correct information, but with your website, it only took minutes. Thank you.
Diversified Communications Services Bill Shields What a fantastic tool. No more excuses from the field crews on not being able to fill in the proper information on our JHA's.

Thank you for making it a no-brainer on getting this great information while in the field. Kudos to the developers.
IES Commercial, Inc. Marc McClure
Safety Manager
I really like the ease of use of the planner and the time saved. I have helped develop a number of plans since finding out about the JEAP in a number of Midwestern states.

What usually took me hours or days, playing phone tag and explaining my situation I now can accomplish in minutes. The information is accurate and the format fits neatly into my overall site safety plan. The ease of use saves me time and money.
JDH Contracting, Inc. Doc Gardner
Field Safety Coordinator /
Quality Control Manager
I would say that this tool is a valuable piece for any company to use for their crew safety use. It is easy to use and make quick work of the needed information. Again, it is a great tool! Thank you for establishing it.
JTS Kyle Fuller
Safety Director
We've started using the JEAP, and include a plan in every job folder for our personnel going out and working in the field.

It's made us more efficient in not having to spend so much time Googling and assimilating all of that information, particularly for remote locations.
Keegan Wireless Dave Moore
I use the emergency action plan quiet often. It has help a lot not only with phone numbers but as I am filling the forms out it gives a better understanding of where the site is located and its surrounding area.
LTS America Ed Lust
Partner, Safety & Compliance Officer
We have been using the JEAP System on www.wirelessestimator.com since January 2010. The system has revolutionized the way we prepare Emergency Action Plans for our crews.

What once took a couple of hours to prepare and document, now only takes a few easy steps. Once the EAP is prepared, I can e-mail it to the crew chief, our customer and our filing system with one click. Thank you for providing this valuable tool for our use.
MCE Wireless LLC Matt Morgan
Sr. Project Manager
I have used it a few times and I have to say it is very helpful.
Mid-State Communications Scott C. McGregor
Program Manager
We have been using this tool for our jobsites for a while now, and have been very happy with both how quickly the response information is provided, and format in which it is supplied.

We take pride in safety compliance, and work toward achieving everyone's' ultimate goal, to have all employees come home to their respective families at the end of each and every work experience.
Milenium Technologies Justin Wilson We have been able to assist our small WISP clients, who have very limited budgets, by creating safety plans though the use of JEAP.

By utilizing this tool we are able to create plans they would not otherwise be able to afford.
Millennium Wireless Services, LLC Jim Anderson
The Jobsite Emergency Action Plan was a great idea! Well executed, easy to use, and it helps protect the most valuable thing there is, life!
Montana Tower Andy Henckel Thank you for making the tool available. I have found it to be a time saving feature that helps us a ton, especially considering that we are a small organization.
NeoCom Kali Somsen Using Wireless Estimator's Jobsite Emergency Action Plan has drastically saved me time in searching for hospital and police locations required.

The website is easy to navigate as it rapidly does the work for me, which in turn helps my company focus on other important safety issues with time we otherwise would not have. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for me and many other companies to use!
Optima Network Services, Inc. Justin Optima Networks has many clients which require our crews to know where the nearest emergency facilities are located respective to our job site locations. In the past we found it difficult and time consuming to locate these addresses and phone numbers.

With the JEAP offered through Wireless Estimator we have cut back on our time of locating these services by up to 90%. The form allows you to search by either jobsite address or latitude and longitude and allows us to include our crew members at the site, whose CPR/First Aid certified and who has their Tower Climbing and Rescue certification. The form is easy to follow and only takes minutes.

We will continue to use WirelessEstimator.com as our emergency locating service.
PJH & Assoc. Dean Esbaum
Operations Manager
I've used the JEAP program several times. It saves us hours per month in admin time. I feel it should continue to be developed and improved upon. The customers seem to be impressed with it as well.

And it's FREE! Thanks for the software and the website.
Project Group 2000 Scott Shambaugh
We have taken advantage of your highly effective, easy to use and well designed JEAP to supplement our JSA Job Safety Assessment forms that are completed for each of our worksites.

Everyone in our industry owes you a tremendous thank you for your detailed work and effort in creating a safety document so effective and appropriate for the hard working personnel at risk each day to assist in safely bringing our country advanced wireless services all for free I might add!
Scott Tower Services Stacey L. Scott
Vice President
We have used the JEAP since I saw it posted on the Wireless Estimator website. I feel that it ensures that every member of our crew on site as well as any subcontractors have a quick and easy way to identify the nearest hospitals as well as other pertinent Safety Information. We print the sheet here in our office for each job and put it in a weatherproof sheet protector.

After the crew has looked it over and the crew leader signs off it is simply posted on the fence with a zip tie or fastened somewhere clearly on the job site. We perform work here in the state of Florida and would be more than happy to confirm that the JEAP is easy to use and we were happy to add it to our safety procedures already in place. I hope more contractors will utilize such a useful tool!
Spider Wireless Services LLC The folks at:
Spider Wireless Services LLC
Wireless Estimator has simplified and improved the JSA process. It is an easy to use, intuitive, solution for building our JSAs with a few clicks of the mouse. It takes the burden of finding the local hospital and police away from the foreman so they can focus on their task at hand.

Plus we know they will be ready if anything ever does happen. The result is a JSA that looks professional and is very easy to use which improves Spider Wireless Services LLC's ability to manage safety & goal of zero injuries. Online JSAs save valuable time and costs for our business and offer our customers the knowledge that we take safety seriously.
WesTower Communications Tod D. Znuj
Operations Manager
We have incorporated this into all of our job folders and it has worked out wonderfully. I have even turned Clearwire onto this process to better understand how we have been covering our safety issues and concerns on each job.

Thank you for this help in communicating safety to our guys.
Pat Buschle
Administrative Assistant
I use the JEAP for all our job safety binders. What a great time saver and the Wireless Estimator tool is very easy to use.
W-T Engineering, Inc. Angel Gandera Our job site is in Burleson, Texas. I went to your web and followed the steps.

It was quick and easy, and we have the emergency plan on site, showing directions to nearest facilities and contact info. It was great
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