Going where they aren't proves to be successful component in first year celebration 
Wireless Estimator AnniversaryJanuary 1, 2006 -- Oftentimes company owners will salute their first year in business with the abrasive mirth of a cocky card player explaining how he beat the insurmountable odds of failure that were stacked against him so high that FAA lighting was required. I'll pass.

It is more important to acknowledge the many people who have sent us priceless presents throughout the year following WirelessEstimator.com's launch on January 1, 2005.

Wrapped in a memorable email ribbon, we were delighted after receiving:
I can't believe the amount of great information you have. What a super web site! - from a Texas tower technician.
Your site is very helpful in assisting us with market analysis. - from a component manufacturer vice president.
You were right. My ad has generated new leads and business. - from an East Coast tower erection company.
They found me through Wireless Estimator! Thank you! - from a tower crew foreman who was hired by a grateful employer.

But the message that touched us deeply came from the parents of a 35-year-old Colorado man who fell to his death from a tower on February 25.

Commenting about our extensive coverage and advocacy of climber safety, they wrote: "The Wireless Estimator saves lives! Be very proud of that!"

Thank you for your kind words, Mr. and Mrs. Ballasch. We're equally as proud of the many contributors to our web site that are impassioned about the need for a safer industry through education, enforcement and training.

We're also pleased that we can assist in ushering in TIA/EIA 222-G with a wealth of information about the new antenna supporting structures and antennas standard that takes effect today. It too has advanced industry safety.

Our free help and position wanted sections have become a go to portal for industry employment opportunities, carrying more solicitations than Monster.com, Yahoo Jobs or any other web site employment venue.

The site's industry information as well as breaking, vendor and new product news is targeted to an audience that is now comprised of thousands of viewers each day. 

The professional forum and our well-received estimating program, pricing differentials by zip code, safety and structural standards, and a host of other features assist in providing information that cannot be found anywhere else.

Conventional wisdom subscribes to the belief that mission statements should remain private and not be included in marketing communications. After all, why let your competition know what direction you're going to be taking in the future. Plus viewers want to know where you are right now.

However, we would like to share one of our key mission statements with you. As 2006 progresses you'll see many exciting and informative additions to WirelessEstimator.com that will complement our simple, but successful approach of: "Go where others aren't!"

I wish you the best of health, happiness and success in 2006, and thank you for letting us know how we can better serve the wireless design, construction and maintenance industry. Our continued success is largely dependent upon your valued input. Also, I sincerely thank our many sponsors for their support, ideas and encouragement. We're appreciative that our viewers support them as well.

Craig Lekutis
Wireless Estimator, Inc.

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