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Kansas doesn't license wireless construction contractors at the state level. However, you should check for licensing requirements at the local level.

When a reporter from the Kansas City Business Journal shocked and awed America after stating that "towers aren't sexy", we felt obligated to ask 364.9 residents what utilitarian structures in Kansas would be considered sexy? As expected, a slow moving center pivot field irrigation system was deemed darn right exotic. And the second sultriest selection was the rusting standpipe behind Witlinger's Fertilizer Corp. which some employees swear, after a few beers, looks exactly like a charging bison. Surprisingly, the silo, described by one respondent as a monopole with self-esteem, came in a distant third.

Kansas SealOut-of-State Corporations
An out-of-state corporation doesn't have to register with the Kansas Secretary of State to do business in the state. However Kansas does require any out-of-state corporation to post a bond of 8 percent (minimum $1,000) on any contract it has over $10,000. If you register with the Secretary of State, you don't need to post this bond. It will cost you $100 to register with the Secretary of State. To get an application, click here .

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