Content is key in capturing high GOOGLE ranking
August 31, 2006 - Making the top ten in keyword searches in Google is every webmaster's aspiration since it can bring thousands of new viewers to a web site. Being listed first in keyword or phrase searches, say some search engine optimization experts, helps to ensure high rankings in similar keyword searches.Wireless Towers

In example, appears first in 672,000 possibilities for TIA Rev G. A TIA Rev F search should be considerably lower since the site has only been available to search engines for one year, and many hundreds of references of Revision F have been published prior to 1996 when the TIA/EIA standard was adopted, yet is still ranked first in 686,000. Search derivations such as TIA/EIA Revision G  bring similar results.

Wireless contractors, suppliers and tower owners rely heavily upon SEO exposure for branding and sales opportunities by being exposed to new unique visitors and have tried numerous methods to capture higher rankings - from SEO software and consultancies to entire web site redesigns. Not all have been successful and the search optimization industry is fraught with failed enterprises.

Less than three years ago you could Google monopole manufacturers  and find three major manufacturers in the top ten. Today, you'll have to start at 17 and above.

Web site designers have learned that it would prove easier to kiss a mud dauber than to try to effectively wine and dine the algorithms of robots and spiders that search web sites.

Repetition used to be a key element on a web site for capturing one of the top ten listings. Unlike blackboard punishment, webmasters would gladly write colocation lease rates  one hundred times, oftentimes in a color that matched the web page's background so that it wouldn't be obvious to the viewer.

It worked for some time, but as in every fleeting liaison built on deception, the major search engines perfected their algorithms and now ban sites or rank them poorly if this method is used.

The usefulness of a search engine depends on the relevance of the result set it gives back. While there may be millions of web pages that include a particular word or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular, or authoritative than others.

Most search engines employ methods to rank the results to provide the "best" results first. How a search engine decides which pages are the best matches, and what order the results should be shown in, varies widely from one engine to another. The methods also change over time as internet usage changes and new techniques evolve.

But most developers will tell you that they are only concerned about two engines. In 2004 Google represented approximately 78% of all searches since Yahoo basically branded Google's search engine as their own. However, Yahoo severed ties with Google that year and now accounts for approximately 24% of all searches performed last month; Google coming in with almost half of all searches.

Google still maintains the panache and its name has become the verb of choice for internet searching, but results for both search companies are not always similar.  Whereas normal soil foundations  used to return the top spot for from both Google and Yahoo, Yahoo now provides a fourth place  ranking.cell tower

Important, high-quality sites receive a higher page rank, Google says, which is remembered each time it conducts a search. They use sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to searches. Google goes far beyond the number of times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page's content to determine if it's a good match for queries.

"We're fortunate to have hundreds of key search terms appearing in the top ten," said Wireless Estimator, Inc. President Craig Lekutis. "I believe a greater part of the site's success is due to the relevant and topical material that is being presented."

From a few popular "W"s such as Water Tower Installation SpecialistsWelding on TowersWireless Construction Estimating and Wireless Recruitment Firms to an obscure but important Gin Pole Rooster Head  search, ranked first place with Google.

"We're not particularly proud of a first place ranking for tower climber fatalities and a sixteenth place position for tower climber safety ," said Lekutis.

Neither is the industry.

Rankings are based upon Google and Yahoo search optimization on August 30, 2006.

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