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Flash replacement board available from Nash
Although Nash Electronics developed the 4580 High Voltage replacement board a number of years ago as a cost reduced field replacement for the Flash Technology high voltage board used in theirHigh Voltage Rectifier Board 1000 volt DC medium and high intensity lighting systems, it is now being made available for purchase, according to Rob Sobol, General Manager of Nash Electronics.

The board features circuitry to provide integration for strobes that communicate with Flash Technologies' remote diagnostic systems. This unit has been certified by ETL Laboratories and has years of field use, said Sobol.

The product is available at at the promotion price of $49.99. 

Helix looks to plug into cell tower market
Helix Wind officials say their wind turbines are ways to lower the costs of operating expensesCell Tower Windmill Power Source associated with cell phone towers in remote locations. These solutions are ideal for telecom infrastructure providers dealing with cell towers that are remote or off-grid and utilize unreliable or expensive energy sources.

Helix noted it hopes to have test sites installed in the U.S. and West Africa by November 2009. The company will deliver its first test turbines to Eltek NSG in Nigeria in late October for installation at one of two identified test sites. Pending successful testing and subsequent rollout to several operators in the region including Zain and MTI, Helix's relationship with Eltek NSG could potentially mean several hundred sites over the next few years and eventual implementation in other African nations, and is the result of work performed by CP Pumps & Systems FZCO, Helix's distributor in Dubai.

"There is a tremendous opportunity for Helix Wind in the cell tower markets in developing countries and remote applications," said Ian Gardner, Helix Wind CEO. "Currently such towers are powered by diesel generators, which are bad for the environment and extremely expensive to operate. Helix Wind is excited to be entering the test phase of our solution for this promising new market."  

Sabre Site Solutions introduces new universal equipment platform kit

Sabre Site Solutions, the components division of Sabre Industries, Inc., introduced their new Universal Equipment Platform Kit at the 2009Sabre Site Solutions PCIA show in Nashville, TN.

Designed to provide a rapid installation, cost-effective solution for supporting outdoor BTS cabinets, this new platform will work with most rooftop or raw land engineered plans, regardless of structural challenges. Made from structural I beam, it is fully-connected and capable of supporting itself or being used for a variety of mounting applications.

The platform is available in 2' or 4' increments, making it easily expandable up to a 10' x 24' platform. Interchangeable sections allow for various installation options to conveniently position handrail and ladder sections at desired locations. The easily expandable handrail accommodates all frame dimensions. 

Requiring no welding, drilling or special tools, the universal equipment platform offers quick assembly. Designed to be installed with typical structural member applications, as well as, challenging rooftop situations, this new platform allows for numerous combinations of installation when both wall and roof deck mounting is required. 

Save costs and lead times associated with custom designed platforms by contacting Sabre Site Solutions today and asking for the platform kit in combination with your required support structure.  

Sabre Site Solutions, Sabre Industries' components division, designs and manufactures both guyed and self-supporting pre-engineered lightweight structures along with a vast selection of tower parts and accessories.    For more information on Sabre Site Solutions' products, visit 

Structural Components' new towers incorporate the best of proven designs Structural Components GSR Guyed
Having completed hundreds of tower reinforcements in the last few years, Structural Components has run across many design issues that paint the perfect picture of “what not to do.” Every type of existing guyed tower, self-supporting tower, and monopole presents upgrading complications. As a result, many reinforcement designs become extensive, and in some cases, the only reinforcement option is to build a brand new tower around an already existing tower structure.

This common problem has prompted Structural Components to design and fabricate a new line of communication towers using the latest design software and fabrication methods available, ensuring superior towers. These new towers take advantage of new standards (where applicable) and are also easily upgradeable for future loadings.

The new line of towers include: the GSR Guyed, and the Self Support SR3. The towers are being fabricated at Structural Components’ facility in Boulder County, Colorado. For additional information, contact 

Valmont introduces its new V-Series Towers

To meet the growing demand for competitively-priced towers for the value-driven customer, Valmont Industries recently introduced their V-Series Towers.
Valmont V-Series Towers
The pipe leg towers are being fabricated in their Plymouth, Indiana plant under the same exacting engineering standards and product quality that Valmont has been offering over the last 50 years.

According to Business Unit Manager Sean Gallagher, the V-Series self supporting tower is expected to be widely accepted by those budget conscious customers looking for good value in the market. 

"This remains a Valmont tower, built in the same factory as the high quality Pirod towers, so customers should expect the same high quality and service,” Gallagher said.

Another benefit for customers is Valmont is able to meet fast-paced industry requirements and can ship the tower within two weeks.

For additional information or a quotation for your next project, call 877-467-4763 or email: 

The Valmont Structures family of companies includes
Microflect and PiRod, two of the industry's leading manufacturers of towers and component accessories.
Visit: Valmont Structures.

TerreStar launches world's largest mobile satellite network that will use a smartphone

Satellite communications firm TerreStar successfully launched on July 1 what is believed to be theSatellite smartphone TerreStar world's largest communications satellite, which will provide mobile broadband coverage across North America. Launched by Arianespace from Kourou, French Guiana, the satellite - called 'TerreStar-1' - is the foundation for TerreStar's satellite communications network targeted at government users, emergency responders, enterprises and those in rural communities without conventional mobile network coverage.

The all-IP-based mobile broadband network supports voice, data and video services. "We are creating a new paradigm in mobile broadband network services and devices that will leverage our integrated satellite and terrestrial communications components to enable true ubiquity and reliability - anywhere in the United States and Canada," said Dennis Matheson, CTO of TerreStar.

TerreStar's network will operate in two 10MHz blocks of contiguous MSS spectrum in the 2GHz band throughout the US and Canada, and claims to have a spectrum footprint that covers a population of nearly 330 million.

The firm has already launched a handset compatible with the network in collaboration with partner firm, EB (Elektrobit). Launched at the CTIA Wireless trade show in April, the 'TerreStar smartphone' claims to be the world's first quad-band GSM and tri-band WCDMA/HSPA smartphone with integrated all-IP satellite-terrestrial voice and data capabilities. TerreStar has a nationwide roaming agreement in place with AT&T in the US.

LBA introduces the new Model 3024 Broadcast Power Monitor, the latest from Kathrein Group
Kathrein Group's latest generation broadcast power monitor is a slim, silver-colored case stuffed with features for engineers who are tasked with keeping an eye on transmitter power levels and efficiency.Katrein Power Monitor 3024 With measuring capability from 1 watt to 1 megawatt, the 3024 presents an ideal upgrade for existing directional coupler-based RF measuring transmitter power monitors, providing PC and Internet access and SNMP network connectivity.

Kathrein Group, the German RF equipment manufacturer with the worldwide reputation, has partnered with LBA Technology for exclusive western hemisphere distribution of its product line, including the new power monitor.

The 3024 will work with most existing directional couplers, eliminating the need to install new line sections. Internal user-programmable software calculates the display power depending on the probe input, offset, gain and the given value of the directional coupler. Since the setup for each probe in the system is unique, it will even work with different brands of directional couplers.

The working end of the sleek, rack-mounted 19-inch long, 7-inch-deep 3024 is in the rear, where up to 8 probes can be connected for simultaneous power measurements. Multiple combinations of directional couplers and compensated probes produce a matrix that will give readings with plus or minus 5 percent accuracy. Both digital and optocoupler ports provide 16 software-assignable relay-type contact closure outputs for alerts.

RF probes 3015 UHF and 3016 VHF can be plugged into any of the probe connectors. Other ports on the back panel include one for a grounded high or low voltage power supply, an Ethernet connector, one USB for attaching a memory stick for logging data and a second one for serial linkup with a PC. The antenna monitor also provides e-mail notification of alarms.

The computer screen is the operator's real connection to the monitor. The screen is configured either by directly hooking up to the monitor or accessing it through an assigned IP address. The built-in webpage display features controlling buttons by which an operator sets up the data he wishes to monitor and record.

The 3024 antenna power meter calculates VSWR, and measures forward and reflected power. Visual alerts can be programmed to warn when measured limits are exceeded or are too low.

More information on the LBA/Kathrein 3024 power monitor is available at

Harger's Ultraweld® UltraShotTM uses electronics for a superior exothermic connection

Harger Lightning & Grounding of Grayslake, IL proudly introduces their Ultraweld® UltraShotTM which is re-defining the exothermic process. UltraShotTM utilizes a copper container whichUltra Weld is consumed along with the weld metal making for a superior exothermic connection. UltraShotTM utilizes an electronic ignition system fired by a long lasting rechargeable battery controller. The unique ignition system also allows the user to maintain a safe distance from the reaction. You can contact their sales department at 800-842-7437, or email the company at  or visit their website at .

Harger Lightning & Grounding is a leading manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment, as well as exothermic welding materials for the communications and electrical industries.  Harger also provides design and engineering services and specializes in offering total systems solutions for their customers.

Andrew's launch of world's first complete cable family in HELIAX 2.0 proves to be successful

Andrew, the CommScope, Inc. division that is a global leader in communications products and systems, has introduced HELIAX(R) 2.0, the world's first complete cable and connector family for wireless networks, which offers operators and OEMs new radio frequency (RF) transmissionAndrew line options under a trusted brand.

According to Stan Catey, group vice president, Cable Products and Towers, Andrew, since its introduction last September, Andrew's customers in mature and emerging markets are discovering HELIAX 2.0's superior performance and reliability that is needed for transmitting wireless signals without disruption.

Andrew is the first transmission line supplier to offer customers a complete solution for their RF transmission line needs, consisting of two complete cable lines with one connector series that fits either. Both cable types are available as feeders in a complete range of diameters or as cable assemblies.

Unique to Andrew's HELIAX 2.0 is the company's offering of a single, multi-faceted connector, the EZfit(R) Series universal connector, for two prominent products--HELIAX FXL Series aluminum cables and HELIAX AVA Series copper cables. Both cables have proven track records in helping limit intermodulation distortion (IMD), the unwanted noise that weakens a radio network's performance, and meet different customer application needs. With one connector that works on both cables, customers can avoid inventory confusion and deployment delays.

"When operators deploy multiple technologies on a co-located site, minimizing IMD is more critical than ever," Catey said.

HELIAX 2.0 joins FXL Series aluminum cables, which are lower-weight and more durable, with AVA Series copper cables, the more flexible line ideal for tight installations. The new complete cable family delivers lower attenuation in addition to adding less weight to already overloaded cell towers. "An increasing number of national and international operators are integrating aluminum cables into their networks with great success," added Catey.

The introduction of HELIAX 2.0 follows CommScope's acquisition of Andrew in late 2007. Andrew first launched HELIAX in 1953, which ultimately became an industry standard for RF transmission lines in the broadcast, radar, satellite communications, and wireless industries. CommScope first introduced FXL cables in 2001 as a cost-effective alternative to traditional copper lines. Today, Andrew manufactures and ships HELIAX 2.0 cables from facilities around the globe.

"HELIAX 2.0 allows customers to select the optimum solution for each application without having to increase inventory levels, suffer increased IMD or lose in reliability," said Catey.

For additional information about HELIAX 2.0, click here.

Aesthetics and zoning issues covered by Atlantic Concealment's WavePortal™ Series

Atlantic Concealment, L.L.C. of Scarborough & Windham, Me., announced the introduction of its newAtlantic Concealment WavePortal™ Series a concealment solution designed specifically for the microwave frequency bands of 1 - 40 GHz market segment of wireless carrier industry.

With the demand for communication and technology advancements and the subsequent clutter of rooftop communication equipment, many property owners, tenants, state and local governments are demanding that communication equipment be hidden from view while blending into the urban setting and site property.

Atlantic Concealment has engineered, developed and designed the WavePortal™ Series, which are antenna and equipment shelter enclosures fabricated from the most advanced microwave RF friendly composite materials. The WavePortal™ Series addresses the issue of aesthetics, plus compliance with architectural standards and zoning ordinances pressuring carriers and private network operators to conceal communication equipment installed on urban or metroplex tenant rooftops.

Atlantic Concealment utilizes high performance composite materials that have been proven throughout the world in severe environments as well as in a wide array of microwave frequencies. All the WavePortal™ Series materials exhibit excellent environmental and mechanical characteristics while delivering the low loss electrical characteristics that are required in the transmission of microwave signals. For additional information, visit:

Sabre's SAF-T-Boom prevents racking, twisting and foldingTower Antenna Mount

Sabre Site Solutions says their SAF-T-Boom is a safer mount than the traditional or folding t-boom.

Designed with the contractor in mind, the frame comes pre-assembled and packaged with three frames, three tie-backs and enough hardware to mount up to four antenna pipes per frame.

The unique design, according to Sabre, provides a safe, solid face with no "racking", "twisting" or "folding" while working on the mount.

The dual standoff supports make excellent runways for attaching antenna jumpers. These mounts are capable of fitting round members from 1½" to 5 9/16", with larger O.D. and angle leg adapters available under separate purchase.

For more information on Sabre Site Solutions, visit .

Elk River provides a high-angle rescue solution
A recent rescue in Ohio of a cell tower technician stuck on a water tower for more than an hour and one-half highlights the importance of having the proper safety equipment on hand.High Angle Rescue

With EZE-Man, Elk River, Inc. is providing a solution for emergency high-angle rescue. Constructed of high-quality, lightweight machined aluminum, it won't weigh you down.
With its automatic controlled descent, you'll get to where you are going safely.

And with self-rescue and two person rescue options, it is there to get you out when you need it. Rescue efficiently and effectively with EZE-Man.

o Solution for emergency high-angle rescue
o Automatic controlled descent (3' per sec.)
o Ideal for self-rescue or multiple escapes
o Approved for two person rescue (550 lbs/250kg)
o Easy installation and operation
o Bi-Directional design
o Compliance: OSHA 1926,
Subpart M, Appendix C
o ANSI Z359.4-2007/CSA 2259.2.3-99
EN 341A/CE 0123
CSA Classification: Type 1E
*Professional rescue training required.
For additional information, visit 

TESSCO's new products are making your copper harder to steal and less valuable to thieves

TesscoThe new Ground Bar Lock Box from Wireless Solutions is designed to slow down or discourage theft from communications sites. Built from 16-guage, galvanized steel, it features reinforced stainless steel rivets that and are designed to be drill resistant. The built-in combination lock can be set in the field with the code of your choice.  Several customers have reported that installing this inexpensive box halted thefts at troublesome sites

tessco Wireless Solutions'  Theft Deterrent Ground Bars  feature a universal hole pattern and have the words “STOLEN DO NOT RECYCLE” stamped into the face of the bar.  They are formed from from 1/4" tinned copper and are being offered in 4" x 12" and 4" x 20" sizes.  Because the bar is tin plated, a would-be tesscorecycler would have to process the copper in a smelter to separate the tin from the copper, giving it a lower scrap value than plain copper.  Custom solutions are also available.  See your TESSCO representative for more information.

Ultraweld Spider Mold
Another way to prevent ground bars from being stolen is to just eliminate the ground bar altogether. The Spider Mold allows you to take 3 or 6 pieces of #6 wire and exothermically attach them to the top of a #2 wire. If you are making this connection close to an ice bridge post or a tower leg that is grounded, you can attach the #2 wire lead directly to the post or leg, reducing further the amount of copper on your site.

Sabre's SAF-T-Arm's mounting face prevents
"pipe roll" during antenna installation

Sabre Site Solutions has revolutionized the way antennas are installed on monopoleT-Arms. Designed to provide a secure mounting face that Sabre Site Solutionseliminates "pipe roll" during installation, their new product, the SAF-T-Arm (Straight Alignment Face T-Arm), also creates a true vertical pipe alignment.

The SAF-T-Arm provides the flexibility necessary to mount your antennas anywhere across the face.  Four sets of mounting hardware are included. Specific pipe lengths must be ordered separately. SAF-T-Arms come in 12'6" and 10'6" widths.

For added flexibility, Sabre Site Solutions offers an optional pivot face mount (patent pending) which provides you with the versatility to rotate the face to your desired azimuths. The pivot face mount must be ordered separately.

Secure walkways are also available for additional safety during installation. Orders may be placed online at: .

Endemic problem of ground bar theft can be averted by using galvanized grounding bars
Talley Communications has announced that it is now able to help protect your grounding system from theft with its galvanized steel grounding bars from Ground BarsAndrew. The galvanized grounding bars are produced from solid 1/4 inch A36 steel and feature a universal hole pattern to accommodate 3/4 inch through one inch ground lug bolt spacing.

Many system operators recognize galvanized grounding bars as a suitable alternative to solid copper bars for outdoor grounding applications. A common practice in the electric power industry where grounding rods are made of galvanized steel, this composition is effective and practical for wireless base station sites as well.

The four-inch bars come in lengths of 12, 20 and 24-inches.

Contact your local Talley sales specialist at 800.949.7079 or e-mail at  with questions on Andrew's galvanized buss bars and all other Andrew products.

Wind powered concept cell tower to be tested
Ericsson has unveiled its latest energy-optimized radio base station site concept, a research project for a pioneering wind-powered Tower Tube. Wind Power Cell Tower

The wind-powered Tower Tube takes the energy-lean design of Ericsson's award-winning original Tower Tube one step further by employing renewable energy. It harnesses wind power via a four-blade turbine with five-meter blades vertically attached to the tower. The vertical rotor blades work silently and minimize the load on the tower during operation.

Trials will be conducted to determine if the design of the energy-efficient Ericsson Tower Tube and the vertical wind rotor blades work together to enable low-cost mobile communication, with reduced impacts on both the local and global environment. 

The Ericsson Tower Tube construction houses base stations and antennas, fully enclosing them in an aesthetically pleasing concrete tower. It has a smaller footprint and lower environmental impact than traditional steel towers with CO2 emissions related to materials, such as production an transportation, that are at least 30 percent lower.

The turbine uses a direct drive system, as opposed to a complicated gear box. Since direct drive turbines have fewer moving parts, they can be cheaper, quieter and easier to maintain.

Northern Power, an American wind turbine maker, just raised $37 million to scale up its direct drive turbine development.

New customizable online RF Safety PlanOnline RF Safety Plan introduced by RSI Corp.

Due to the ever present need for a complete RF safety program, RSI Corp has developed and is introducing a new online RF Safety Plan, a customizable solution that helps organizations achieve OSHA compliance by formulating a company-specific RF Safety Plan which can be saved or printed for organizational use. 

This plan will act as the base of an RF safety program. OSHA requires a comprehensive RF program, to include training, and this easy to formulate customized document will provide you with the requirements necessary to achieve the complete program. Once you input your information, the plan will tell you exactly what you need to achieve a successful RF safety program.

Simply login to the user-friendly website and fill out a trouble-free form with your company's RF safety requirements. The program then produces a custom RF Safety Plan, including your company's requirements, to achieve the mandated RF program. The Microsoft Word® document can be further edited after the report is generated. This document will save you time, money, and most importantly provide your company with a system to keep your employees safe while working around RF. If you can click a mouse, you can build your company's RF Safety Plan and incorporate this plan into the necessary RF program.

You can take a free test ride of the safety plan program by clicking here.

TESSCO's cell tower surveillance kit offers security to owners and carriers

Copper theft has always been an industry concern, but the recent toppling of a tower in Tennessee by thieves in order to stealTessco Surveilance the coaxial copper cable has certainly highlighted the problem and the extensive costs that can be associated if cell sites are not adequately protected.

TESSCO's new cell tower surveillance kit can protect tower sites or offer surveillance as a service to carriers located on the site.

You'll get everything you need in this affordable and reliable Speco remote management surveillance kit to deter theft and vandalism. The kit includes four tamperproof color dome cameras, a four-channel TN Series Triplex DVR, mounting equipment and a DVR protective case.

Also included are:
--Remote management software allows for dynamically programmable recording priorities, motion detection, event alarms and scheduling. 
--Internal IR LEDs with anti-reflective technology.
--DDNS server for use with dynamic IP addresses
--20M IR range using 22 IR LEDs
--IP67 rated for extreme weather conditions
--Pre alarm & post alarm recording
--420 lines high resolution - SONY Super-HAD CCD
--Automatic camera detection (plug and play)
--IR Remote control
For additional remote surveillance solutions, click here.

Hot dip in a can, ZINGA® outperforms cold galvanizing products' protectionHot Dip Galvanizing

It is not often a new product appears in the telecom market that will economically insure continued good maintenance of towers, monopoles and all other steel-based products. ZINGA® is the exception.

Known as "hot dipped galvanizing in a can," because it provides the same protection, ZINGA® is designed for the treatment of all metals and is the only true coating in the world that provides active cathodic protection, compared to traditional galvanizing applications, according to Dana Lemmerman, president of Telecom Product Profiles, the exclusive distributor in the U.S. for this breakthrough product.

If you are a contractor, design engineer, manufacturer, or tower owner, this product is indispensable if you're concerned about maintaining your clients' infrastructure. Why would you want to use the traditional cold galvanizing sprays for your metals when one application of ZINGA® can protect your Hot Dip Galvanizedtower and its accessories for over 40 years?

The world's only atomized zinc's coverage depends upon the application process. You will be able to achieve approximately 400 square feet at 2 mil per coat with a brush or roller per gallon. Spray applications are approximately 300 square feet outdoors, and 350 square feet per gallon indoors. 

Drying time is approximately 5 to 10 minutes and you'll be able to topcoat in as little as 1 hour.

For additional information and specifications, visit Telecom Product Profiles or contact Dana Lemmerman.

SafeOne™ personal RF monitor alarms the user, SafeOne Badgesnot the company's controller

LBA Group, Inc. has just brought a breakthough budget-pleasing personal RF monitor to market at approximately half the price of the competition, according to Dick Hansson, director of marketing.

SafeOne™ is an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from mobile phone towers, radio and television installations, high frequency welders, and other common workplace RF sources between 10 and 10,000 MHz. The personal RF monitor is an important tool in complying with FCC, OSHA, and other safe workplace requirements, Hansson said.

The monitor provides an audio and visual warning when the IEEE and ICNIRP limit is exceeded on the wearer's body. It immediately alerts them to high frequency radiation fields that could be a health hazard. SafeOne™ gives an approximate value of RF strength to help determine how long the worker can stay in the radiation field. Extremely convenient to wear and use, the SafeOne™ is the size of a cell phone and weighs under three ounces.

The monitor's batteries last over 500 days and it incorporates a self-test function to be used whenever the monitor is turned on.

Company controllers are sure to welcome the cost-effective safety solution. Effective last February, OSHA released a new rule that requires all employers to provide personal protective equipment for their workers.

For additional information,click here 
 or contact Cathy Scott, 252-757-0279 or 

New fuel cell cabinet under Andrew brand offers environmentally friendly power
The CommScope family of integrated cabinets, for years one of the top choices by North American telecommunications carriers, is being expanded under Andrew Wireless Solutions with new products that address the unique requirements of wireless operators around the world.Andrew Fuel Cell Cabinets

Andrew cabinets for wireless operators are environmentally controlled enclosures that protect equipment at a cell site or remote installation. Andrew's full line of integrated cabinets connect and protect radio, power, amplifier and battery electronics while delivering industry leading acoustic and thermal performance.

The two newest additions to the Andrew cabinet family, introduced this month, are the EcoPower™ Cabinet and the RBA84 Series Cabinet.

EcoPower Integrated Fuel Cell Solution is Eco-Friendly 
EcoPower provides an environmentally friendly DC backup power solution for wireless and wireline networks, with a cabinet design that is modular and flexible to meet the most stringent backup power needs. The cabinet's proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells, housed in a secure, weather resistant cabinet for outdoor deployment, offers a smaller footprint and more dense power backup than what has been available previously from competitors.

The EcoPower cabinet, at 63 inches high by 45 inches wide by 52 inches deep, is the most compact integrated fuel cell system available, providing up to 16kW in a single cabinet. With power supplied by two 8kW fuel cells, the EcoPower cabinet is cooled without use of outside air in a sealed compartment to keep out dust, contaminants and condensation, thereby helping to prevent deterioration of equipment housed inside.

With its cabinet cooling and heating system, the PEM fuel cell delivers optimum power output at ambient temperatures that can range from -40 degrees Celsius to 46 degrees C, with an exceptionally high degree of reliability that helps ensure uninterrupted power during utility power failures.

"Traditional battery backup cabinets and diesel generators take a back seat to the capabilities of the Andrew EcoPower cabinet," said Anil Trehan, chief technology officer, Carrier. "This cabinet provides a superior eco-friendly power supply that offers significant operational cost savings over the life of the cabinet. It also is ideal at addressing mandated minimum power supply requirements, such as the US Federal Communications Commission's recent ruling that calls for at least eight hours of power backup at cell sites."

The Andrew EcoPower fuel cell cabinet is currently available for field trials. General availability is scheduled for June 2008.

RBA84 Cabinet - Flexible, Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Design
The Andrew RBA84 Series Cabinet has been designed specifically for the needs of wireless operators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Its flexible configuration enables it to accept radio, power and battery equipment from various OEMs, providing operators with long-term versatility at network cell sites.

The RBA84 Series also has configurable cooling options, ranging from air conditioning to hydrophobic or mesh filter air cooling, for optimal thermal performance, while minimizing cost. It also utilizes variable speed fan technology to minimize the acoustic signature. It is constructed of rugged 1/8th inch thick aluminum, with UL50 and GR487 Zone 4 compliance, making it durable for outdoor usage. Its aesthetic design includes a louvered front door and three rear access panels, blending appearance and functionality.

"The RBA84 Series strengthens our family of integrated cabinets for wireless applications," said Julie Nielson, vice president, Product Management and Engineering, Andrew Wireless Solutions. "Andrew cabinets are now more accommodating to various OEM radio and power equipment, making them more versatile and available for quicker deployment. Andrew cabinets overall help our customers protect their considerable investment in equipment from environmental elements."

PRIMUS's Prep Tool Kit ensures that you'll have the right equipment for a profitable project
PRIMUS Electronics' newest packaging of products will ensure that antenna and line installation technicians can save time and money since they'll no longer need to search for or require overnight delivery of the equipment needed to install grounding protection and connectors.Transmission Line for Antennas 

The new PRIMUS Prep Tool Kit, competitively priced, includes high-quality grounding and connector tools manufactured by Andrew Corporation. It's available in one easily ordered part number:  PREPKIT-ANDREW.
The kit Includes:
Automated Cable Prep Tool, 1-5/8" Cable (CPT-158U)
Automated Cable Prep Tool, LDF6 (CPT-L6)
Automated Cable Prep Tool, 7/8" Cable (CPT-78U)
Automated Cable Prep Tool, 1/4" & 1/2"  (CPT-F4)
Automated Cable Prep Tool, 1/2" LDF4 Cable (CPT-L4ARC1)
1-5/8" Foam LDF7 Ground Kit Tool (GKT-158A)
1-1/4" Foam LDF6 Ground Kit Tool (GKT-114A)
7/8" Foam LDF5 Ground Kit Tool (GKT-78A)
1/2" Foam LDF4 Ground Kit Tool (GKT-L4A
1/2" Superflexible Ground Kit Tool (GKT-F4A)

If you're installing CommScope transmission lines, PRIMUS also provides a similar kit that will ensure easy and professional installation of grounding and connectors.

For additional information, and quick and easy ordering, visit them at or contact one of their sales representatives at: 800-435-1636. 

Valmont's re-designed portable base monopole and flagpole models make market impact
Over the past decade, Valmont Structures has been providing solutions to the industry with ballasted monopoles and flagpoles for use on semi-permanent and permanent cellular/PCS tower sites.Portable Cell Tower Monopole
Valmont has seen an increasing demand to be able to utilize the 24'x 24' square I beam base to incorporate BTS cabinets and other equipment up to (9) nine 36" wide cabinets .

Valmont's new design is now available with full grating, 42" high continuous handrail, and 36" wide step options, and the universal bolt pattern accepts a 24"or 30" diameter pole that interfaces with a step monopole or flagpole.

Valmont's portable base poles are suitable for temporary or semi-permanent installations or permanent sites solutions where a conventional foundation may be impractical or helping to simplify zoning and permitting processes for fast site deployment.

The base and monopole can be typically erected in a single day on crushed stone or blacktop to level surface as well as provide adequate drainage.

The design is Rev. G ready and is in conformance with the TIA-222-G standards to heights up to 130', depending on loading. Pre-cast concrete ballasts are supplied as required to provide code-compliant base with full safety factors and stress ratios in force.

For more information call Stan Fisher at 215-244-2086 or email him at .

ITL debuts new strobe lighting systems
Nashville, TN-based aviation obstruction lighting component and system manufacturer ITL, LLC ITL Dual Lightingrecently introduced a new line of ETL-certified medium intensity strobe lighting systems at NATE 2008, including the ILS-2400, a white L-865 strobe light, and the ILS-3400, a dual L-865/L-864 strobe light. Both systems have been ETLtested and comply with FAA regulations as outlined in FAA Advisory Circular AC150/5345-43E.

Redefining ease of installation and serviceability, the new products share the same power supply and are designed and engineered in accordance with the exacting standards for quality and reliability that have become synonymous with the ITL name over the last decade. The new systems feature time-proven ITL components throughout.

These systems expand ITL's range of products which include L-810 and L-864 incandescent lighting fixtures, high-performance red light controllers, wireless monitoring systems, and aftermarket products for the obstruction lighting industry.
For more information visit , or call an ITL sales representative at (615) 256-6030.

New enhanced stainless steel ground rods ensure that current has a downward path to ground

Harger Lightning & Grounding recently introduced their new Stainless Steel Enhanced Grounds Rods. The rods contain special salts that help lower soil resistivity and are used in conjunction with groundHarger Ground Rods enhancement material such as Ultrafill. Ultrafill lowers the soil resistivity immediately around the ground rod drastically improving its efficacy.

The New 300 Series Stainless Steel EGR's are highly resistant to corrosion. They are also used to overcome many of the problems caused by galvanic corrosion which can take place between dissimilar metals buried in close proximity such as copper clad ground grounds and guy anchors.

Some other applications for these Stainless Steel EGR's are areas with acidic soils, airports, pipe lines, power plants and other industrial sites. Harger has also designed the conductor portion of the ground rod to help ensure the current has a downward path to ground, where other chemical ground rod manufacturers utilize a design which forces the electrical (lightning) current to go "up hill".

Another unique feature Harger has incorporated is an inspection cap on the top of the rod. This allows for inspection of the electrolytic salts. Harger will provide additional salts free of charge should the salts become depleted. Harger's Enhanced Ground Rods are UL listed and are designed to last over 25 years. They are available in a  vertical or horizontal design.

Harger Lightning & Grounding is a leading manufacturer of lightning protection and grounding equipment, as well as exothermic welding materials for the communications and electrical industries. Harger also provides design and engineering services and specializes in offering total systems solutions for their customers. For additional information, visit their website or contact them at:

DBI-SALA pioneers industry's first self retracting DBI-Salalifeline with tie-back capabilities

DBI-SALA, a Capital Safety brand, has introduced the new Talon™ Tie-Back Self Retracting Lifeline that eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector, minimizing cost and installation time.

This revolutionary fall protection device offers a unique solution for providing a tie-back capability to the recognizable self retracting lifeline. Complete with a unique hook with 5,000 pound gate strength, it is designed specifically for tie-back use and increased durability.

Talon ™ is ideal for use in tower climbing, maintenance and erection.

The single-leg and twin-leg 100 percent Tie-Back Talon ™ self retracting lifelines are designed to withstand the forces that occur from tie-back use.

To gauge the forces being exhorted on the fall protection device, the self retracting lifeline is equipped with impact indicators on each leg of either the single or twin leg versions.

"We are dedicated to the continuous innovation within the construction industry," states Charley Bryant, product marketing manager of hardgoods at Capital Safety. "We are eager to introduce this new solution that offers a better, easier and ultimately safer alternative to getting the job done."

Three layers of webbing in the tie-back area of the lifeline provide more abrasion resistance for added safety. The 3.5 feet of tie-back webbing ensures that the lifeline can be anchored around most structures.

Satellite positioning antenna alignment tool expected to become a popular US carrier standard
Although most European network operators have made the use of SPAA05 tools as their standard, US carriers are energized by the opportunity to finally have the ability to install their antennas with exacting alignments that can be obtained within two minutes.Antenna Alignment

The SPAA05 range of GPS based antenna alignment tools are specially designed to improve the nominal antenna azimuth of GSM, DCS and UMTS Mobile cellular networks. 

Two versions are available at this time. The standard SPAA05 and the all new SPAA05-NEX. Both systems feature easy to use antenna mounting and back-office software solutions.

The models measure, in real time, the exact antenna bearing within two minutes after switching on the system. When using the full software -100 count- an accuracy of 0.5 degrees RMS can be achieved.

Although a number of networks operators have not specified their needs for such very high accuracy yet, existing antennas on many sites show clearly that many installation companies are not achieving the current requirements of ± 3° or ± 5° with conventional methods like using a magnetic compass or other imprecise methods. 

Oftentimes setting the correct antenna azimuth is a problem for many line and antenna crews who forget to include magnetic declination or they do it backwards.

Tower steel and antennas interfere with the operation of a magnetic compass, and carriers often find that their coverage problems are effected by unacceptable, but unnoticeable antenna alignment.

A simple five-step procedure on site with the new alignment tools will measure and store the individual antenna azimuth and other important site information. The file encryption process secures the measurement results including time, date and position stamping. Back-office processing takes only a few minutes per site.

For addition information on the SPAA05 and the SPAA05-NEX, or for distributor contact information, visit: SPAA05-NEX

Comsearch's AuctionPlanner will assist bidders in contentious 700 MHz FCC sale
Bidders in the January 24, 2008 US Federal Communications Commission auction of 700 MHz spectrum can arm themselves with a valuable advantage-the new 700 MHz AuctionPlanner™ product 700 MHZ Auctionfrom Comsearch, an Andrew Corporation company.

It should prove to be helpful in assisting bidders with an advantage in what may prove to be one of the most controversial wireless auctions in history. This will be one of the last chances for many years to get new spectrum, and many operators such as Qualcomm, AT&T and Google will be obligated to bid on it whether they have an immediate need for it or not.

AuctionPlanner provides the critical information that spectrum bidders need to assess the incumbent environment both prior to and after the January 24, 2008 auction of the 700 MHz frequency band, now used for television broadcasting.  AuctionPlanner enables users to easily identify current TV stations that operate in the band, supported by customizable maps and spreadsheets that detail existing coverage areas, operating parameters, station classifications and ownership information.  AuctionPlanner also helps to provide estimates of the number of sites required to achieve FCC wireless network build-out requirements.

"Reliable, complete information is critical to be successful in the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction," said Chris Hardy, vice president and general manager, Comsearch. 

"AuctionPlanner is easy to use and its wealth of data is organized specifically to benefit spectrum bidders.  With AuctionPlanner, customers can easily and quickly assess the spectrum encumbrances and make sound strategic decisions on their bidding process.  In addition, the new 700 MHz licensees will rely on the timely transition of analog and digital TV stations to their final digital channel allotments.  The clear picture offered by AuctionPlanner of the current operating TV stations will help 700 MHz bidders evaluate whether any incumbency issues remain in a market, and aid in monitoring the successful transition of TV stations out of the signal band after the auction."

CAMI isolation systems permit other antennas to be mounted on "hot" AM towers
LBA Technology, Inc. announces the CAMI series of new-concept broadband medium-power isolators for AM towers. CAMI isolation systems permit other antennas to be mounted on "hot" AM towers.

CAMI systems are specifically targeted to isolate single auxiliary broadcast coaxial cables for STL's, FM translators, low power FM, and television translators. Unlike commonly used isocouplers, one CAMI fits all of these applications. They also have the advantage of passing AC or DC current to tower top amplifiers, and are more resistant to weather and lightning.Hot AM Tower Install

Typical CAMI system specifications are:

* Broadband transmission frequency: DC - 2000 MHz
* Broadband impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR <1.2/1
* Insertion loss: 1.2 dB @ 100 MHz, 2.6 dB @ 960 MHz
* Broadband power capability: 2.0 kW @ 100 MHz, 250 watts @ 960 MHz
* DC power passing
* AM isolation frequency range: 500 - 2500 kHz
* AM working voltage: 10 kV peak
* Lightweight, fast installation

With pending FCC approval of translators for AM daytime stations, CAMI will provide an simple, cost effective, way to mount the translator antenna on existing AM towers without major changes to the transmitting system.

LBA Technology President Jerry Brown commented "The CAMI isolator brings simplicity and reliability to the installation of other services on AM towers. The uninterrupted, stable, low loss signal path for these services is a real advantage. The rugged environmentally hardened construction will pay real dividends in reduced ongoing maintenance costs."

The CAMI isolator is priced competitively with other, less capable isolators, and units can be shipped immediately.

Contact John George, VP of Sales at or call (803) 951-7443, for pricing and further information.

New universal ring mount introduced by Site Pro 1

Site Pro 1 has announced the availability of another universal installer-friendly product, a universal ring mount for mounting accessories to monopoles.Site Pro 1

The new universal ring mount features:
- A wider operating range to fit 12" to 45" OD poles
- A wider operating range eliminates the need to climb the pole to verify the diameter saving time and money
- 2 3/8" or 4-1/2" mounting pipes can be attached directly to the ring mount with u-bolts
- Features a 7" x 7" hole pattern as an industry standard that is easily adaptable to various brands of standoffs
- Manufactured to the latest ANSI/TIA industry standards

Additional information regarding Site Pro 1's universal ring mount can be found online at  It is fully stocked for same day shipping from any one of the three Site Pro 1 distribution centers in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Andrew Corporation to retire LDF5 and LDF7 coaxial workhorse cables at year's end

If you had been in the wireless design or construction industry for even a short length of time, LDF5 and LDF7 rolled off the tongue as easily as their corresponding coaxial cable sizes, 7/8" and 1-5/8".Andrew Cable

The low density foam coaxial cable became so popular within Andrew Corporation's HELIAX ® products group during the past 30 years that many newcomers as well as industry veterans thought that HELIAX ® was the technical term for all corrugated copper cables. In the mid 1980s, a government RFQ specified Andrew's 1-5/8" LDF7, but allowed bidders to provide an approved equal, "providing that it is heliax cable and meets all of the electrical specifications of heliax coaxial cable."

However, on December 31, 2007 the popular LDF5 and LDF7 cables will have an Auld Lang Syne production run and the coaxial cable workhorses will no longer be manufactured.

Building upon the market success of its two most significant recent cable product introductions, Andrew is streamlining its long-running and market-leading HELIAX® product portfolio and featuring alternative products that offer higher value for customers.

With the revisions to its cable product offerings, equivalently sized HELIAX Andrew Virtual Air™ (AVA™) and HELIAX AL aluminum series cables will serve as direct replacements for the LDF5 and LDF7 series coaxial cables.

"While the LDF series cable has been the clear number one choice in the wireless industry for more than three decades, technology improvements over the past three years have enabled Andrew to introduce a new platform for copper and aluminum cables that performs better than LDF," said Mike Guerin, vice president, Antenna and Cable Products, Andrew Corporation.  "With the successes of our new aluminum cable product and our AVA series copper cable, Andrew customers now can choose from two types of cables that provide even greater technological benefits than they enjoyed with LDF5 and LDF7."

HELIAX AVA series cables are the lowest attenuation copper coaxial cables in the industry.  Compared to Andrew LDF series cables, AVA offers better performance in radio frequency applications, with up to 10 percent lower attenuation in a lighter weight, easier to install cable. AVA cable is ideal for customers seeking to increase cell site performance versus other cable choices, Guerin explained.

HELIAX AL series aluminum cables enable construction of wireless base stations with the standard electrical performance of an LDF series cable, but in a lighter, more flexible cable.  AL series is designed for customers seeking a high performing, lighter-weight cable with reduced installation costs.

"Building off the long-standing tradition of quality and excellence that Andrew has delivered to the communications industry for decades with its HELIAX coaxial cable products, the AVA and AL series cables are establishing new performance standards for the latest generation of wireless networks," Guerin said.

With the exception of LDF5 and LDF7 series cables, all other cable sizes in the LDF family will remain in production and available from Andrew.

Andrew is implementing a 4.3 percent average price increase for HELIAX cable in response to market conditions, particularly the continued increases and volatility in raw material costs. The new pricing
will be effective October 1.

Talley Communications Corp., a leading distributor of wireless communications infrastructure and mobile products, announced this week they have entered into an agreement with Andrew, which allows Talley to continue to distribute Andrew's LDF products.

"We are extremely proud of our long term relationship with Andrew and now welcome the opportunity to continue to offer these LDF series of cables to our customers," said Mark Talley, President of Talley Communications.

"The ability to continue distribution of the LDF series cable is extremely important to providing Talley's customers with unequalled customer support and effectively maintaining long term customer stability," Talley said.

New remote video cameras address industry's concern for security and surveillance
The Hark VCR-100, VCR 80 and FFV 90 remote cameras offer significant technology and application flexibility in locations with concerns for security and surveillance. With remote control of pan, tilt,Hark Tower Systemszoom and optional motion sensing detection, the cameras are capable of providing up to the minute imaging and observation for a number of applications.

The overall benefit in reduced insurance claims, and the increased safety through constant surveillance, provides management the confidence required in today's work environment.

Additional benefits of the remote cameras include remote project management and work crew observation, reducing site visits and controlling travel time and costs.
In addition, a wireless access point can be included to provide a wireless network at the site location. Web services to provide convenient browser based access to the video is also available for a monthly service fee.

Features and Benefits:
Full featured camera with pan, tilt and zoomRemote tower cameras 
Low Lux LCD camera provides clear video even in low light conditions
180 degree horizontal pan, 50 Degree vertical tilt, 42x Zoom
Video and event history archive available
Show customers and prospects the progress of construction
Manage sites remotely, reducing travel and time
CDMA / GPRS Wireless Modem
Cable / DSL Modem
Wireless Router
Wireless Motion Sensor
Solar Power Optional
For additional information contact Hark Tower Systems at 3507 Iron Horse Drive, Building 200, Ladson, SC 29456, 800-3674275 or visit them at 

Andrew introduces its newAndrew Aluminum Cable aluminum cable and Positive Stop
connector system

Andrew has introduced its Andrew HELIAX® aluminum cable and Positive Stop™ connectors-a complete solution for unmatched quality and longevity in aluminum RF transmission line systems.

The complete Andrew solution is a systems approach, combining premium HELIAX corrugated aluminum cable with Andrew's exclusive patented Positive Stop™ spring-based, continuous-force connectors.

According to Andrew, the combination of Andrew HELIAX aluminum cable and Positive Stop connectors can stop costly degradation before it starts, helping deliver performance and longevity that is unmatched by any aluminum transmission line installation using smooth wall cable or generic connectors.

Andrew says it will guarantee its aluminum HELIAX cable for 10 years, as long as Positive Stop connectors are used as part of the system.

CyberLock brings an audit trail and key control
Tough, intelligent, and built with stainless steel components, the unique design of these electronic padlocks allows them to perform extremely well in the harshest outdoor environments.Cell Site Locking Devices  

The system consists of the CyberLock electronic padlock that cannot be compromised by any conventional lock-picking methods, and the CyberKey that cannot be duplicated.  As with all CyberLocks, you can restrict access for authorized users to selected locks on specific days, and only during certain times on those days. Each time the CyberKey opens a padlock, a record of the event is stored in both the padlock and key, providing a comprehensive audit trail of activity.

The CyberLock family of electronic padlocks is constantly growing and includes a line of standard solid-body brass padlocks with stainless steel components.  Two new additions are the Hockey Puck and Bar Bell.  The Hockey Puck, with a stainless steel body and anti-drilling features built into its core, is highly resistant to violent force.  When in the closed position, its buried shackle prevents attacks from bolt-cutters.  The Bar Bell padlock has a stainless steel core and locking post.  Environmentally sealed with "O"rings to prevent water and dirt from reaching its inner core, it is ideal for applications such as sealing underground utility vaults and marine cargo containers.

For more information about CyberLock products, contact Videx by phone at (541) 758-0521, by fax at (541) 752-5285, by email at, or visit the web site at

PIPEx-P tower reinforcement proves to be great off the shelf product for additional tower capacity 
Structural Components, LLC recently introduced a pre-engineered, off the shelf structural reinforcement designed to increase the load carrying capacity of any round leg lattice tower. Unique to the PIPEx-P reinforcement system are the adjustable butterfly attachment plates that connect to the tower legs. Tower Reinforcement

These attachment plates can be located anywhere between panels to clear mounts and other obstructions.  New sub-horizontal members can be installed with ease for small overstresses of up to 20% in the legs.  Lattice bracing and external pipes can be attached to the bolt-on brackets at any time (should further reinforcing be required) becoming the main support for the tower(exoskeleton).

This reinforcement more than triples the load carrying capacity of a Rohn 25G or 45G allowing for up to three three full platforms. For additional information, contact: Structural Components, LLC, 1617 Pearl Street, Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80302-5410. Tel: 866-386-7622.

Step-Over rooftop product ideal for protection
Site Pro 1, Inc. has introduced its new aluminum Step-Overs for rooftop applications. The Step-Over provides a permanent, maintenance-free Rooftop Towerstep over solution which prevents damage caused by foot traffic to cables, cable trays, lines and ducts. Site Pro 1's Step-Over features:

-All aluminum construction keeps the product lightweight for use in elevators.
- No assembly required like existing "bridge kits"
- The Heliarc welded, heavy duty, aluminum frames are rust and maintenance free.
-Non-skid treads on platform are self-cleaning.
-Load rating is 1,200 lbs

Additional information regarding the company's Step-Over can be found online at The Step-Over is stocked in depth for same day shipping from any one of the three Site Pro 1 distribution centers in New York, Atlanta and now Los Angeles.

Lighter, more universal boom gate is introduced 
The new Connect-It Wireless Components' 13' boom gate is now a lighter more universal version of the past gate, according to company President Jim Schultz.

Schultz said the new universal foot set allows the boom gate to attach to guyed or tapered towers with up to an 8" round leg or a 6" angle leg. A larger foot set is also available for legs up to 12 ½" OD.

The face of the mount easily pivots to adjust antenna azimuths and accepts up to five antennas. Guyed Tower MountSchultz says one of the best features of the frame is that the entire mount assembles in minutes.

The new boom gates are strong, designed with the tropical weather of Florida in mind and are built to withstand winds up to 150MPH. They are engineered to the latest industry standards (FL Building Code & TIA/ EIA- 222- G). 

Engineering cut sheets are gladly supplied upon request or just look on their web site for the required engineering data.

The boom gate comes complete with universal foot set, 3' standoff, face & support angles, 2 stiff arms, and 4 antenna masts. There are no extra parts to purchase.

Connect-It Wireless' stringent designs have proven to withstand hurricane force winds throughout the country. They have withstood five Category 1, five Category 2, four Category 3, and one Category 4 hurricanes without a single reported failure, Schultz says.

"We have achieved this success rate with an engineering philosophy that accounts for a nearly infinite mount and antenna configuration," said Schultz.

The veteran manufacturer explained that their published load limits are conservative and generic in nature. 

"These limits allow virtually any shaped antenna to be mounted at any altitude and at any azimuth. To accomplish this goal safely, we assume worst-case conditions in our analyses:

1. The antenna weight will equal the Maximum Combined Load Weight;
2. The antenna wind drag will equal the Maximum Combined Load Force;
3. The antenna area will equal the Maximum Combined Load Area;
4. The antenna area will be the largest cross-sectional area of the antenna;
5. The mount's effective projected area is the largest cross-sectional area of the mount;
6. The mount's effective projected area normal to the azimuth is the cross-sectional area of the mount normal to the largest cross-section area of the mount."

EPAT and EPAN to assist engineers
"Our load ratings are determined in accordance with TIA-EIA-222-G, the Florida Building Code 2004, and A.S.C.E. 7-02. Revision G of the TIA-EIA-222 code was substantial and we are in the process of updated our drawing database so that all of our drawings will provide the mount's total effective projected area (EPAT) and the mount's effective projected area normal to the azimuth (EPAN). We will also provide load limits at two wind speeds, 140 MPH and 150 MPH," Schultz said.

"Of course, we can increase these limits for site-specific installations," he explained.

"To simplify access to this information we plan to provide the same information for each mount on our web page  in the coming months. We believe this will make the engineer's life a little easier to spec mounts for their specific needs," he said.

Ex-Press™ coax mounting band allows for easy installs on poles

Andrew Compression
Andrew Expansion

Andrew's new Ex-Press™ Expansion/Compression Coax Mounting Band has been one of the industry's most sought after products for installing multiple runs of coaxial cable on the inside or outside of round or polygon structures up to 60" in diameter. 

Their Ex-Press™ Band is the only coax mounting band in the industry featuring both expansion and compression capabilities.  The Express™ Band can be mounted on the inside of water tank access tubes with 36" to 60" inside diameters or the outside of round and polygon monopoles with 10" to 60" outside diameters. 

Long noted for their innovative field-tested  products, Andrew's mounting bands are available from: Primus Electronics  Talley Communications and TESSCO.
Safety and structural integrity highlight two Monopole portsmonopole products from B&C
Two new monopole-related products were introduced to the industry by B&C Contracting at the 2006 PCIA show in Nashville, drawing interest from contractors and carriers alike.

To help protect the monopole owners' assets, B&C has developed their POLE-CAM©, designed exclusively for viewing and recording the inside of monopoles.

The system enables contractors to determine the location of all coaxial lines as well as combustible materials such as bird nests that can be ignited when contractors are welding upon the structures.

"Although it is important to have a fire prevention safety plan in place whenever you are welding on a monopole, that's a reactive measure," said Doug Coberley, President of B&C Contracting.

"The POLE-CAM© system can prevent fires by clearly identifying where there are areas within the monopole that should be addressed whenever you are going to weld on the pole," he said.

Coberley points out that the system is an excellent tool for ensuring the safety of transmission lines and other assets for any tower modification whether it is a welded, bolted or a porthole installation.

Numerous fires are reported every year within monopoles. In most instances the highly flammable transmission lines will cause severe damage to the pole causing expensive replacement costs and carrier interruptions.

"POLE-CAM©" comes equipped with a 2" diameter wide angle lens with 24 LED lights built into the camera lens. It has 500' of coax cable and a monitor with integrated DVD as well as a DVD Recorder.Monopole Ports 

The "POLE-CAM©" system is self contained in a roll-around enclosure. To identify  how easily the inside of the pole can be investigated, a video is available at

Porthole rim easily provides compliant entry for new tenants
In order to provide a complete joint penetration weld, contractors must use a backing material or weld from both sides of the monopole.

When installing portholes on the top of most monopoles it is impossible to weld on the inside. Coberley said his entry port allows for a CJP at any level from the outside of the structure.

"Although you can weld on the inside of a bottom port in most instances, this product will not require a confined space entry permit and all the safety requirements that are necessary," he said.

For additional information on both products you can visit B&C at  or contact Coberley at

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Site Pro 1 Inc.