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The state of Texas does not license electricians or construction contractors. Generally, all licensing is handled through county or municipal jurisdictions. Is this a challenging task? Here's your chance to make your own, highly researched and informed opinion. The Lone Star State is not lonely when it comes to the number of counties it contains, the highest number in the country. From Anderson County to Zavala County you'll find another 251 sandwiched in between. Then, of course, you'll have to consider adding in all of the counties', cities, towns and special districts. We believe the number you might be looking at is 34,241 times 13.63 to the 10th power, give or take a dozen.

Texas SealOut-of-State Corporations
Out-of-state corporations must get a Certificate of Authority to do business in Texas from the Texas Secretary of State. To apply for this certificate, click on Secretary of State.

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