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To be able to do construction work in Utah if you are an electrician or commercial construction contractor you will need a license from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

The Utah Genealogy Division is adding an adjunct search site to its web pages to identify the lineage and locations of communications towers. One recent query showed that a monopole proudly fathered by a carrier was later abandoned in a surplus yard after catching the 1999 cap ex influenza. It was adopted by another carrier who allowed it to nurture on top of a historical site without the proper approvals. Hard times followed after the $200,000 fine and the monopole was forced to be removed and sent to an assisted care facility for strengthening and rehabilitation.

To find out if a contractor or electrician is licensed in Utah, click on Contractors

Utah SealOut-of-State Corporations
Out-of-state corporations must get a Certificate of Authority to do business in Utah from the Utah Secretary of State. To apply for this certificate click on Secretary of State.

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