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All contractors, except electrical, are licensed at the local level. However, the state requires everyone doing electrical work in Wyoming to be licensed.

A few of Wyoming's licensing divisions are in government complexes that proudly display Frederick Remington-type statues that depict the rich character of the American West. Some states funnel tens of thousands of dollars to public art programs for hideous sculptures that only reflect the wincing pain of the viewers. Here's our compromise. In a downtown area where you can't get zoning approval for your tower, tack weld some partially consumed Crisco cans on the legs and have the arts council commission it as a sculpture. When you're going to have a tower technician sweep the lines, make sure you advertise it and bill it as performance art.

To find out if an electrician is licensed in Wyoming, call (307) 777-7288.

Wyoming SealOut-of-State Corporations
Out-of-state corporations doing business in Wyoming must register with the Wyoming Secretary of State. For information, click on Secretary of State.

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