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Turnkey General Contractors

A general contractor is a prime contractor who is the exclusive and sole primary contractor for the execution of a construction project or operations. Some states require general contractor licenses, while others are occupationally specific and will allow the contractor to provide turnkey services. Other states’ licensing requirements are handled on a local level. In short, the contractor detailed in each Wireless Estimator state listing represents that he is fully licensed, registered and approved to bidTurnkey General Contractors upon and provide turnkey general contracting management within that state.

Typically, electrical, environmental and other specialty disciplines are licensed by the state and must be subcontracted to licensed professionals in their fields.

Some general contractors have limited in-house contracting capabilities, but successfully rely upon an established network of reliable and competent subcontractors to provide professional turnkey construction. Other GCs are fully staffed with construction crews and are capable of being very competitive and competent in delivering on time wireless construction projects.

State Licensing Requirements

The transitory nature of wireless construction projects requires its contractors to work in more cities and states than any other professionalTurnkey General Contractors industry. Attempting to identify licensing requirements is difficult at best. Wireless Estimator has provided a service to its registered users – State License Requirements   – detailing available licensing requirements and links to state licensing boards and to each state’s Secretary of State to obtain your Certificate of Authority to enable your company to conduct business in that state. Where required, you’ll also be able to identify whether a contractor is licensed in each state. Many states allow their cities and municipalities to set licensing standards.

We recommend that you contact our listed general contractors to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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