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Utility service racks vary from site drawing to site drawing, but  they share common requirements for two supporting posts with a horizontal and vertical channel support structure to mount electrical and telco equipment.

Although the initial structure might only support one carrier, most tower owners will design a configuration that can accommodate future tenant needs. Many specifications require 3-1/2” OD x 10’ galvanized pipe as support for the frame extending 6’ above ground level, others will permit angle iron and utility poles as posts. Additional horizontal and vertical members can be an 1-5/8” Utility Service Rack 2 channel support system. NEC and local code requirements may affect the service rack material requirements.


CalculatorMaterial pricing for the typical service utility rack shown will be approximately $650.00 as detailed in the following average list pricing from multiple distributors. It does not include freight, taxes, attachment hardware for conduit and equipment or installation.

Utility Service Rack



Unit Price



3-1/2" OD Conduit - 10'




3-1/2" OD Pipe Cap




1/2"x3-9/16"x6-1/2" U-Bolt Assembly




1-5/8" Channel - 10'




Attachment Spring Nut, Bolt, Angle







We recommend that you contact our valued distributors for your site-specific utility service rack requirements.

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