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Conductors – 800 Amp

Conductors 1The best way to thread wire through conduit depends on the type of wire and the type of conduit. Some conduit runs for raw land tower sites are several hundred feet long. For that type of installation power equipment isConductors 2 often used. If the circuit length is closer to 50 feet and the wire gauge is #6 or less, a fish tape will be the only tool you will need.

Any time you pull wire, be sure it is feeding smoothly into the box or conduit at the far end. If there is too much pulling resistance, stop pulling. Something's wrong. You don't want to strip insulation off the wire. Coat the wire with a special pulling compound if necessary. No single pulling method is ideal for all situations. Most electrical contractors have several types of pulling equipment – from a truck mounted winch to a small capstan - and use the method that's most appropriate for job conditions.

CalculatorThe default pricing as detailed in the below table is the average price charged by a subcontractor, while on site, to pull the listed conductors based upon three conductors per conduit. Material is not included. Pricing will vary depending upon site conditions, area, wire size and the number of conductors that can be pulled at one time.

We recommend that you contact our valued electrical contractors to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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