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Wooden forms are the most common types used in tower foundation construction as well as BTS pads and shelter foundations. They provide an ease of handling and adaptability to many required design shapes in addition to economy. Lumber should be straight, structurally sound, and only partially seasoned. Kiln-dried timber has a tendency to swell when soaked with water from the concrete. If the boards are tightly-joined, Formwork Casings 2 the swelling will cause bulging and distortion. An allowance should be made for shrinkage, or the forms should be kept wet until the concrete is in place when green lumber is used on expansive above ground pads.

Many contractors use companies that specialize in labor-saving steel and aluminum modular forming systems. These form companies can provide you with standard panels for monolithic pours or will custom build a variety of foundation systems. They are an ideal alternative  when you are close to one of their  stocking facilities or have multiple site builds.

Formwork Casings 3The frame on each panel is designed so that the panels can be easily and quickly assembled and stripped. These forms provide a smooth surface so that minimal concrete finishing is required. They are easily cleaned, and maintenance is a quick and easy task. Numerous wireless construction contractors have purchased panelized sections to allow for an economical and immediate installation.Formwork Casings 4 Rental contracts with an option to buy are available with  some firms.

Fiber cylinder forms are prefabricated from many layers of high-quality fiber, spirally wound and laminated with adhesive. These lightweight tube forms are ideal for concrete columns and other applications where preformed shapes are feasible such as the stub portion of a small monopoleFormwork Casings 5 pier, elevated self supporting tower piers, shelter foundations, waveguide bridge support stubs and numerous other applications. These one- piece units reduce fabrication and assembly costs. New fiber forms recently introduced to the market will allow the contractor to easily install square columns where required.

We recommend that you contact our listed formwork companies to obtain additional information about their products and services.


If you are building the formwork yourself,Calculator identify what size and quantity of lumber you will require and use the following national average pricing for lumber material only. Pricing does not include your labor, clamps, nails, pencil rods and form oil in addition to taxes, delivery or overhead and profit. Add 20% waste for bracing and 10% for sheathing.

Formwork Lumber Pricing Board Ft. Average
2x4x8' 2x4x10' 2x4x12' 2x4x14' 2x4x16' 2x4
$2.81 $3.55 $3.93 $5.09 $6.01 $0.36
2x6x8' 2x6x10' 2x6x12' 2x6x14' 2x6x16' 2x6
$3.83 $4.85 $5.62 $6.77 $8.38 $0.49
2x8x8' 2x8x10' 2x8x12' 2x8x14' 2x8x16' 2x8
$6.11 $8.25 $8.80 $10.18 $12.05 $0.76
2x10x8' 2x10x10' 2x10x12' 2x10x14' 2x10x16' 2x10
$7.88 $10.10 $11.99 $13.96 $15.98 $1.00
2x12x8' 2x12x10' 2x12x12' 2x12x14' 2x12x16' 2x12
$9.97 $11.51 $15.39 $22.95 $20.62 $1.34
Plywood Sheathing   3/4x4'x8'  
1/2"x4'x8' $17.95 3/4x4'x8' $26.37 Tongue/G $27.14
Form Stakes – 3/8” thick x 1/12” wide. Per stake
18” long $1.98 24” long $2.38 30” long $3.01
36” long $3.27 48” long $4.06    

Quick Quote If you need an immediate quotation for materials using ¾” sheathing, use the following pricing per square ft. of contact area:

Walls Up To 4’ High: $1.93 Sq. Ft.
Walls 4’ to 8’ High:     $2.16 Sq. Ft.

Pricing includes 20% waste for bracing and 10% for sheathing as well as nails, pencil rods, and form oil. It does not include taxes, freight, overhead and labor.

                 FIBER CYLINDER TUBES

Average distributor pricing for fiber cylinder forms are:

Size: Price: Size: Price: Size: Price:
10”x12’ $29.79 20”x12’ $74.32 36”x12’ $184.97
12”x12’ $35.00 24”x12’ $97.35 42”x12’ $310.15
14”x12’ $42.06 28”x12’ $135.15 48”x12’ $433.27
16”x12’ $53.44 30"x12’ $148.02 60”x12’ $602.58
18”x12’ $65.10 32”x12’ $159.98

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