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Equipment Enclosures

Telecommunications equipment is subject to stringent design requirements calling for enclosures that meet the same demanding standards. Some of these small housings provide many of the features found within full-sized buildings, including redundant air conditioning and emergency power systems. Others can be as small as 4’x4’x2’ wide. Walk in or step in cabinets are also available and provide a low profile designThermobond3  and high storage capabilities for PCS, cellular, fiber optics and Wi-Fi applications. They are also  easier to permit where there are restrictive zoning requirements.

Many of the housings are fitted with a climate control system, enabling trouble-free operation in diverse environmental conditions. Most of the enclosures are lightweight and easily transportable and are an Equipment Enclosure 2 excellent choice for rooftop installations. They are also an ideal solution for housing emergency telecommunications equipment when dealing with catastrophes and crises.

Temperatures in extremely cold areas that plummet below zero degrees are not ideal conditions for installing a cabinet. As soon as a technician opens the door the cold air rushes in and kicks off the ambient temperature switch. Earlier cabinet designs saw condensation problems in warm areas. They were also considerably larger than today’s offerings. Because backhaul is not always through microwave applications with many carriers, but through T1 leased lines, the cabinet size has shrunk because it doesn’t have to include the microwave equipment.

A typical enclosure’s base transceiver station will include:

  • Electrical power supply (DC battery packs and /or AC powerEquipment Enclosure 3 and/or a generator) 
  • Environmental control
  • A connection to local telephone lines (either a T-1 or E-1 line, similar to a regular phone line, or a microwave antenna placed near the main antennas)
  • A backup power supply
  • Radio transceivers
  • A data interface which mediates between the telephone company and radios
  • Noise filters
  • A ground system
  • Coaxial cables connecting the antennas to the cabinet

CalculatorEnclosure pricing is based upon the carrier or client’s requirements. We recommend that you contact our listed equipment enclosure manufacturers to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities, products and pricing.

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