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Mobile Towers and Enclosures

Mobile towers and enclosures first rolled into view during the early cellular build outs, earning the acronym “COW” to describe a Cell (site) On Wheels. The moniker stuck, but today’s portable lightweight structures and enclosures are now required equipment for PCS, Wi-Fi, Point to multipoint microwave,Mobile Tower 1data transfer, MMDS, LMDS and any other application requiring temporary communications, testing or  surveying. An important and integral need for the mobile equipment is for disaster recovery and homeland security command centers.

The telescoping structures can reach heights in excess of 100’ with a hand crank up system or an electric winch. Some elevations and equipment can be installed as a free-standing tower supported by Mobile Tower 3 the trailer’s outriggers. Others require temporary Mobile Tower 4guy wires and anchors or a combination of both. Most COWs can be set up in twenty minutes making it available for a tower technician to safely install the required antennas and transmission lines.

Tower units are transported horizontally on the trailer and are easily tilted to the vertical position and then extended to the required height. Equipment shelters are available in various sizes. Most are 8’ wide, but can be as long asMobile Unit 5 12’ or more. They can be outfitted with everything from redundant air conditioning to a separate generator room. Other trailers can be equipped to provide  an easily transportable carrier base transceiver station. Trailers are available with a single or dual axle and can be specially designed for unpaved road conditions.

The newest entry in disaster mobility is a COLT, a Cell On Light Truck. The carrier  unit is completely self-contained and features two Mobile Tower 6 retractable masts, a microwave antenna, an emergency power generator and a small office. The price tag for the mobile cell site is close to $500,000.

Some firms provide readiness contracts and short and long-term leasing agreements.

CalculatorPricing terms will vary depending upon your specific equipment and accessory requirements. We recommend that you contact our listed mobile tower and enclosure companies to obtain additional information about their products and services.

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