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Shelter Offload and Setup

The shelter manufacturer will arrange for transportation of the structure to the communications site and provide offloading and setup services which may be handled as a Shelter Offload 2 subcontract by the site general contractor, an erector or by a company that specializes in shelter installations. It is recommended  that the manufacturer provide you with pricing in your shelter proposal for F.O.B. destination so that the ownership of the building isn’t the purchaser’s until such time that it is safely unloaded and installed.

If you are going to handle the installation, identify the weight of the shelter and ensure that the crane service  can provide a rig that will handle the weight, height and pick distance. In addition, find out who is to provide the spreader bars and rigging for the lift. It is advisable to visit the site beforehand to make sure that the foundation has been correctly installed. Many  times a carrier will change the building manufacturer without alerting the architectural and  engineering firm and the wrong  type or size has been installed.  Also, noticeable crowns in a foundation slab or high areas must be removed so that the shelter lays relatively flat  on the surface. Check with the  manufacturer to see if shimming is allowable. 

Shelter Offload 3Field work required is typically minimal and includes installing a drip canopy over the door, an exterior light or generator receptacle. These items are normally not factory installed because they will cause the shelter to exceed wide load limitations. Depending upon the site layout, an air conditioning  unit might have to be installed in the front or rear of the shelter requiring the contractor to complete the installation on site.

Shelter Offload 4Unless the site conditions are difficult, with the proper communications and rigging, one supervisor can direct the offloading and complete the field work.

Check to ensure that you have access to the site with a standard over the road tractor with a double drop trailer. Sand and unpaved surfaces can cause difficulties.

CalculatorOffloading a shelter and providing a minimal amount of field installed equipment will take a technician four to five hours. It does not include providing any grounding or electrical connections. Add travel time. Pricing will vary based upon site conditions and additional customer requirements. Some manufacturers will provide crane offloading at the cost of the crane plus 15%.

We recommend that you contact our listed shelter manufacturers and installation companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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