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Guyed Towers

Among the tower types, the guyed tower requires the highest level of skill and use of equipment forGuyed Tower 1 erection. There are two typical methods for erecting guyed towers, by utilizing a crane in which sections are hoisted to be set one atop another or by using a gin pole and hoist, which can be used for all heights, but is mandatory for structures exceeding the pick heights of available cranes.

The gin pole is rigged to the highest point of the tower just above its own mid point. This allows slightly less than half of the gin pole’s height to exceed the tower top. This added height is called cantilever (some riggers describe it as "head-room", a term from the crane industry dealing with how much head-room they have between the hook and the top block) and this distance must be sufficient to hoist a new section, typically 20’ in height, and place it above the highest point of the tower. As the tower height increases the cantilever will diminish, then the gin pole must be raised again to achieve adequate cantilever to continue the stacking process. Guy wires at intermediate levels are secured to their anchors and properly tensioned prior to continuing with the erection. Based upon the structure’s weight and design, temporary guys may be required.

Except for occasional torque specifications for connecting bolts, most specifications provide fewQuick Quote procedures for the erection of any Guy Tower 4 communications tower, relying upon the erector’s experience to  provide a safe quality installation.

There are multiple manufactured designs, each one having installation or shipping benefits. When estimating your installation cost, identify whether the design will affect the total number of days budgeted. In example, an inexperienced crew erecting a difficult knock down structure might take 5% to 10% longer to construct the tower.

The average default pricing provided is based upon erecting a guyed tower contingent upon the entered height and type of tower.  Erection pricing includes the installation of:

  • One platform or a three-sectored mounting frame
  • One waveguide ladder
  • Climbing ladder or step bolts and fall arrest system
  • Lighting system for a structure 200’ or more

Prices will vary throughout the country based upon site conditions, crew and crane availability, and the additional work contracted to the erection crew. Grounding and waveguide bridge installation as well as antenna and line installation are not included. 

Average crane expenses  have been included in the pricing in additon to mobilization of 90 miles from the erection contractor's place of business.

 Budgetary Installation Pricing

 Guyed Tower Erection In "My Estimator, enter the height of guyed tower

A 2002 OSHA Instruction allows erectors to lift employees on the hoist line to their work stations at any location on a guyed tower; however, there are strict guidelines that must be followed. Please view Hoisting Erectors .

We recommend that you contact our valued tower erection companies to obtainGuyed Tower 5 additional information about their safety compliance, services, capabilities and experience and obtain a project-specific quotation.

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