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Concealment Towers/Structures

While some concealment installations have similarities to a self supporting tower or monopole installation, they each have characteristics as unique as the challengesConcealment Towers 1 they present in construction. Additional or heavier rigging is often required and added installation time is always a consideration in providing erection estimates. Special care and handling is necessary for concealment structures to ensure that the desired aesthetic is achieved.

Tree weights will vary depending upon the height, wind loading design and number of tenants. Ensure that you have this information from your client to budget your crane expenses accordingly.

Most tree branches are inserted approximately 8” into the pole’s receptor sleeve and secured by tightening a hex bolt.   Full sizeConcealment Towers 17 branches are approximately 150 pounds each. On sites that have simulated bark there are typically no step bolts or safety climbs. Branches are not to be used for a working platform or safety  support. Branches will have to be installed using a crane with approved man lift equipment. A bucket truck can be used for smaller tree heights. Installing the mono-pine and branches for an 100’ tree will take about two days with a three man crew.

Installation pricing will vary throughout theCalculator country based upon experience levels, per diem expenses, site conditions, crew and crane availability, and the additional scopes of work included in the specifications. Ensure that rooftop panels and equipment will be able to be brought up in a freight elevator; otherwise, add crane expenses  to your proposal.

We recommend that you contact our valued concealment installation companies to obtain additional information about  their safety compliance, services, capabilities and experience, and obtain a project-specific quotation.

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