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Climbing Ladder

Climbing ladders offer workers a consistent, clear climbing path that is most often placed where antennas, antenna mounts or cables will not affect the worker’s ability to ascend without obstruction. Climbing ladders must still be used in conjunction with safety climb systems.

Most ladders are face mounted and are attached to horizontal and diagonal members with J-Bolts for angle members or back-up plates for round members. Splice plates are provided. Special mounting brackets can be ordered for round or angle leg-mounted ladders.

Ladders are hot dipped galvanized and widths are typically 12” with rung spacing at 12”.

CalculatorThe average list price for a face mounted 20’ section with mounting hardware is $349.00.  An internal climbing ladder is $442.00. It does not include taxes or freight. Identify your distributor’s freight cost, as it can be a considerable percentage of the expenditure with the average section weighing 89 pounds.

We recommend that you contact our valued climbing ladder manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific  requirements.

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