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Waveguide Bridge

Many specifications call for the galvanized support posts to be embedded in a minimum 2000 PSI foundation measuring 1-6”x3’. If available, review the soils reports for the tower base to identify rock and other conditions that would require additional installation charges. In extreme locations rock anchors and base shoe posts might be required.

Use mechanical connections to secure the bridge to the tower. Under no circumstances should the bridge be welded to the tower without first receiving the A&E’s or owner’s approval. It is not a recommended practice.

Calculator Mobilization is not included in the installation cost since the majority of times the bridge is installed by the on site tower erector. When a new waveguide bridge is required as part of a new tenant co-location requirement, the bridge is typically installed by the on site antenna and line installation crew. This average price below is what a contractor will install the waveguide bridge for while on site.

 12"x10' Waveguide Bridge (Solid or Grated) w/2 14' Posts $865
 24"x10' Waveguide Bridge (Solid or Grated) w/2 14' Posts $865
 24"x10' Waveguide Bridge (Solid or Grated) w/4 14' Posts $1,050

We recommend that you contact our valued installation companies to obtain additional information about their services, capabilities and experience. They can help you to design a solution for challenging installations.

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