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Waveguide Ladder

Installation of a waveguide ladder is one of the easier tasks in a turnkey erection project, but if it is not properly aligned, the snaking  transmission line view will create a signpost for a poor quality installation, even if every other construction effort is perfect.

Some erectors will pre-install the 20’ ladder on each section, prior to lifting the tower section or they will install the ladder system once the tower is erected.

A 20’ ladder section typically weighs less than 100 pounds and is attached to the structure with both mounting clips and J-Bolts to angle tower braces or with round brace clamps for installation on round tower bracing. Splice kits join each ladder section.

CalculatorThe average price provided to the client to install a waveguide ladder is $6.15 per linear ft. based upon the crew already being on site, erecting the tower or if the crew is rigged out to install the ladder with the associated antennas and lines.

We recommend that you contact our valued installation companies to obtain additional information about their capabilities and experience.

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