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Power Cable

Flashhead cable is seldom the cause of a lighting system malfunction unless it is installed incorrectly. Splicing the cable is prohibited since it  will immediately introduce EMI and almost always causes system failure over time. Inspect the cable to identify that is hasn’t been nicked during installation. Properly secure the cable according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that the insulation won’t be cut by wind vibrations. Allow slack around leg flanges or any other joints. Ground the cable to the flashhead and controller. Position the wires so that no arcing can occur and wire colors match the terminal designations.

Unless your proposal requires replacingCalculator an existing cable, installing the power cable is typically not broken out as a line item expense, but is included in the main lighting system installation price. Do not mix flashhead cables with systems from a different lighting system manufacturer. The color codes will not match and appropriate gauge wires may not be available.

If your system requires separate wiring in conduit add the cost for installing the conduit upon the structure.

We recommend that you contact our valued lighting installation professionals for your questions and installation pricing.

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