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OB1 and OB2 Lighting

Single L-810
Double L-810

The red obstruction lighting system is composed of flashing omnidirectional beacons (L-864) and/or steady burning (L-810) lights. When one or more levels are comprised of flashing beacon lighting, the lights should flash simultaneously.

A single light may be used to identify low structures such as building roof outlines. A double light should be installed when used as a top light, at each end of a row of single obstruction lights, and in  areas or locations where  the failure of a single unit could cause an obstruction to be totally Obstruction Lighting 2 unlighted.

Two or more steady burning L-810 lights should be installed in a manner to ensure an unobstructed view of one or more lights by a pilot on structures 150’ above ground level or less.

For additional information regarding FAA marking and lighting standards for OB1 and OB2 lighting, you can review FAA AC-70/7460-1K at:  Obstruction Marking and Lighting (2.96 MB). For Federal obstruction lighting and marking questions most commonly asked, click here.

There are LED L-810 steady burning and flashing single and dual  obstruction lights. Although the initial cost is greater than an incandescent light, the LED system consumes up to 90% less power. They are designed as direct replacements for existing incandescent lighting systems.

Halogen bulb systems are also available. The owner will enjoy a 65% reduced energy consumption and will also benefit from less frequent bulb failures attributable to incandescent lamps.

We recommend that you contact our valued lighting manufacturers and distributors for your site-specific L-810 requirements.

LED and halogen lamp systems areCalculator higher priced than their incandescent counterparts, but energy usage and reduced maintenance must be taken into consideration. Request a comparison from your manufacturer of distributor to identify your actual savings. Be sure to confirm the red light controller is capable of generating FAA mandated alarms.

These are average list prices. They do not include freight, tax or installation. Add the cost of conduit  and wiring to the proposal.

 Obstruction Lighting Pricing  

  Type  Description Price
 OB1  L-810 Single Light  $90
 OB2  L-810 Double Light  $175
 OB1  L-810 LED Single Light  $275
 OB2  L-810 LED Double Light  $525
 OB1  L-810 Halogen Single Light  $195
 OB2  L-810 Halogen Double Light  $390


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