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Rooftop Specialists

Rooftop support systems, antenna and line installations and power and telco runs vary from site to site and can oftentimes be more expensive and challenging than a typical tower colocation project.

The installations can be a costly proposition when service providers must place the RF equipment in the building's basement. The service company will have to run transmission lines through existing and spare conduit entryways, or core drill through the building’s floors. If the floors are pre-stressed concrete, expensive imaging fees are required to identify where the cable is located.

Rooftop Specialists 6Installations can oftentimes be impacted if the carrier’s project manager did not provide and review the plans and drawings with the building owner’s representative. Also, some A&E firms’ drawings may be in conflict with actual conditions. One profit-draining area comes from incorrectly fabricated supporting framework due to inaccurate field measurements.Cable Entry 3

A rooftop hood entry enclosure, often referred to as a dog house, requires the installing contractor to have a working knowledge of roof construction and repair. Some enclosure weights are minimal and will allow one technician to carry it from the building elevator.

CalculatorInstallation pricing is always project specific. We recommend that you contact our valued rooftop installation contractors for additional information about their services, capabilities and experience.

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