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Strengthening Systems

Bolt up strengthening systems are easily installed and can be competitively bid, but many tower service companies have lost their corporate shirts on unfamiliar systems or site-specific projects that required extensive field measuring prior to steel fabrication. Oftentimes adding to the financial drain is a poorly written set of specifications.

Tower Engineering 3Most bid specifications for upgrading a structure place the burden upon the contractor to verify sizes and all other elements detailed in the scope of work prior to placing a bid, which, typically, is due within three or four days. During the bid walk, bring a set of binoculars or a digital camera with a zoom lens and partner up with your competition to identify known conflicts, according to the plans, that will influence your proposal, such as relocating transmission lines to accommodate an installation.

Let the other contractors know as well so that it will be reflected in Strengthening Systems 4 their bids. More often than not, you are not going to get an addendum addressing the issue and if you are a seasoned bidder, you will know not to accept the construction manager’s fervent belief that “It will be taken care of in a change order.”

You’ll have to provide bracing support of the tower’s legs with a saddle clamp if your contract calls for replacing the diagonals or horizontals on a tower. The misuse and lack of a saddle clamp has caused several failures during retrofitting over the past years. If a qualified engineer hasn’t reviewed the retrofitting installation plans, ensure that one does.

CalculatorStrengthening system installation pricing is always project specific. We recommend that you contact our valued companies to obtain additional information about their services, pricing, capabilities and experience in strengthening systems.

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